Tower Lifts in challenging low pit passenger lift installation in London


Our latest project may not carry a prestigious name or location (see our recent post regarding our installation in a well-known department store!), but installing a low pit passenger lift in a residential block in central London posed its own challenges.

We were recently contacted to discuss an unusual problem – the supply and installation of a low pit passenger lift in a residential block of apartments in Aldgate, London. The lift itself was fairly standard, but the difficulty came with the pit and headroom restrictions, which were limited to 100mm and 2500mm respectively. This meant that the design and installation had to be tailored to meet the environment, which is why we had been contacted with the project. Low pit passenger lifts present a problem for conventional installations because of the lack of space above and below the lift cabin act as a safety space for the service engineer. Solutions need to make use of the minimal space available, and this can be difficult in residential buildings where the overall lift shaft is smaller.

The installation of this particular lift went well, and the residents were thrilled with the results.

As you can see from the photographs, the lift finish was of a particularly high standard to fit in with the apartment block’s décor and minimalist style. Residents were pleased with the minimum of disturbance and inconvenience too, thanks to our careful planning and speedy execution.

Tower Lifts benefits from over a decade of experience installing passenger lifts

Often bespoke designs to client-specific requirements, such as low pit passenger lifts, platform lifts and vertical lifts. Many of our lifts come complete with maintenance and services packages, ensuring they stay reliable and well serviced for the years to come.

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