Tower Lifts to Install New Low Pit Lift for Blacks Outdoor Clothing

Tower Lifts are highly experienced at designing and installing low pit lifts. These types of lifts are often used when a building does not have sufficient room for a traditional lift shaft. It is our experience with low pit lifts that made us an obvious choice for Blacks Outdoor Retail Ltd, when they required a lift for one of their retail locations.


We have installed dozens of bespoke low pit lifts in the UK during our 15-years of operation and can custom-build a lift specifically suited to your businesses operating environment. Our talented lift technicians have installed low pit lifts in many different locations including shopping centres, retail stores, public listed buildings, private residences, warehouses and factories.

Tower Lifts have an unblemished safety record and all of our low pit lifts have state-of-the-art safety mechanisms. We specialise in designing bespoke low pit lifts and can implement any additional safety features that you may require.

If you are interested in learning more about our low pit lifts contact us today on 01525 601099 or read on to learn more about this upcoming project for Blacks Outdoor Retail Limited.

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About Blacks Outdoor Retail Limited

Blacks have a long history of selling high quality outdoor clothing, camping gear, skiing equipment, mountaineering equipment, shoes and accessories.  The company operates 69 Blacks stores and 92 Millets stores with both outlet chains focussing on outdoor gear.

This new lift installation will be located in a Blacks retail location in Sheffield, at the Meadowhall Shopping Centre. They required a lift that worked within some very tight constraints — both low pit and low headroom. It is a hydraulic lift that has to be carefully designed to get around the location constraints present in the store.

The modern hydraulic lift that we are installing is Part M compliant

That means it follows modern building regulations that require commercial buildings to give disabled people adequate levels of access. Tower Lifts specialise in designing lifts with high levels of accessibility and all lifts comply with Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) requirements.

Hydraulic lifts are perfect for low pit installations because the mechanics of the lift can be located in another room — they don’t take up space at the top of the lift shaft. We have installed many of these lifts before and find them to be reliable, fast and efficient, particularly for busy retail locations.

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We are very excited to be working with Blacks Outdoor Retail Limited on this project and look forward to a long and lasting partnership!

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Why Choose Tower Lifts for Your Low Pit Lift Installation

Tower Lifts are the leading providers of bespoke lifts in the United Kingdom. We specialise in designing low pit lifts that work in locations with tight space constraints. Our bespoke lifts are efficient, safe and designed to match the aesthetic of the operating environment.

Our hydraulic lifts are perfect for high-volume locations like shopping centres and retail stores. They are extremely reliable and can service thousands of people per day. Tower Lifts are a ISO9001:2008 Lift Cert and UKAS approved company, and we always strictly adhere to all lift regulations.

If you would like to learn more about low pit lifts, please contact us today on 01525 601099 or by emailing

In addition to our low pit lift solutions, we can also install a variety of lifts in bespoke configurations, throughout the UK including:

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