Looking to the future of energy efficiency with the Ecosaver System


Think a lift is just a lift, right? Well think again.

Just as in every area of industry these days, from consumer products to construction materials, the need to grow and evolve to provide more energy efficient, greener and sustainable products is a major concern. This goes for lifts too, and such innovative thinking leads to ideas such as the EcoSaver system.

The EcoSaver Regenerative Drive System is an ultra-compact energy management installation which works by generating power through the lift mechanism as it is being used.

The power generated is fed back into the building’s power supply to offset energy consumption and save money. It’s an ingenious idea. As the lift car goes up empty or half full, and comes down heavily loaded with passengers, the EcoSaver harvests the excess energy, prevents its loss as heat, and feeds it back into the grid, saving as much as 50% of the lift’s total power consumption. The clean energy created registers at under 5% harmonic distortion (against the 35% current legal limit) and eliminates interference with and malfunction of nearby electronic and radio equipment. The EcoSaver delivers a major improvement in the system’s power factor too, resulting in even greater cost savings. So better for the planet, and the budget.



The EcoSaver is perfect for installations and retro fittings in environments such as hospitals, car parks and shopping centres, where lifts are in constant use. Public buildings such as libraries, schools and council offices could also benefit from this system, saving costs on already stretched budgets.

If you’d like to discuss this innovation in energy efficiency and sustainability, then please get in touch today by calling 01525 601099, or emailing info@tower-lifts.co.uk for more information.