London Lift Servicing

Tower Lifts Provides London Lift Servicing

London had a bumper crop of tall buildings in 2019. A record 60 completions of structures over 19 stories high increased building completions 140% on 2018. The pipeline of tall buildings stands at 525, but it’s likely that Covid-19 will scupper any new records being achieved in 2020. One thing’s for sure though, from the point of view of Tower Lifts, there’s an awful lot of London lift servicing to be done over the coming decades!

London Lift Maintenance and Servicing

As a leading London lift company, Tower Lifts is kept pretty busy providing ongoing maintenance and servicing to commercial lifts across the capital. Every lift owner, or building manager with responsibility for a lift, has a duty to ensure vertical transport used by employees is safe. To this end, LOLER regulations stipulate that workplace lifts are regularly maintained. A periodic ‘thorough examination’ is required to assess the standard of servicing in place.

Ongoing Compliance Thanks to Regular Lift Servicing

Your specific lift servicing requirements are dependent on a number of factors. The age of the lift is important obviously, but so too is the volume of traffic it carries each day, where it’s located, and its maintenance history. Tower Lifts takes all these factors into account when we’re offering guidance on a tailored maintenance contract for your London clients.

Tower Lifts is committed to ensuring that your lift stays compliant if legislation changes. We maintain the most current British and European standards, and our lift engineers are CHAS accredited, ISO9001:2008 Lift Cert and UKAS approved. All our clients have peace of mind that their lift is maintained to the highest standards.

Repairs are Covered

Lift managers dread a lift breakdown. Emergency repairs are expensive, and can be difficult to locate. Tower Lifts clients know that repairs are covered 24/7 by our dedicated emergency repair team. These experienced engineers know how to manage a breakdown, from calming passengers, to offering a rapid diagnosis and repair. We are normally able to get your lift up and running on our first visit.

Most lift repairs happen in the preventive phase, rather than the reactive one. Regular servicing ensures that lift components are subject to ongoing inspection and upgrades, where appropriate. This means that the risk of an emergency breakdown is significantly reduced.

Lift Modernisation

Legacy lifts can provide significant challenges for new owners, or managers. If you are concerned about investing in a new lift, Tower Lifts can offer an alternative. Lift modernisation comprises the replacement of lift components in order to bring the mechanism up to current standards of safety, compliance and performance.

Tower Lifts – a London Lift Company

Tower Lifts is a London lift company which, for over 15 years, has been providing high quality lift services. We design, install and maintain passenger lifts, goods lifts and wheelchair lifts in the city’s residential, commercial and industrial environments. Most important, we care passionately about the quality of the work, and the vertical transport we provide for our London passengers.

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Tower Lifts carry out design and installation on a varied range of lifts throughout the UK including:

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