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5 Signs You Need a London Lift Refurbishment

For many of us using a lift at work, when shopping, or where we live, it is so much a part of our everyday lives that we hardly notice it. Until things go wrong, that is. Then it’s surprising how much of an impact the loss of lift services can have. Whether you’re having to carry heavy bags from ground level to your 6th floor apartment, or turn around and go home because your office is suddenly inaccessible. A lift – or lack of it – can make or break your day.

Lifts in need of refurbishment act oddly, erratically, or cease to function. These are all sign that one of the lift’s core components is in dire need of replacement, or refurbishment. Most commonly it is the bearing, the motor, the drive, the door or the cabin interior that need attention. Tower Lifts carries out London lift refurbishment in businesses, homes and commercial organisations. In this blog, we consider the 5 most common signs that your lift requires modernisation or refurbishment:

1. The Wait is Getting Longer

If you find that it appears to be taking longer for a passenger lift to arrive, there could be a problem. Maybe the doors are slow to open and close, or perhaps it the cabin is moving more slowly between floors. Either way, the cumulative effects are mounting frustration from passengers, loss of productivity at work, and an erosion of confidence.

2. Odd Sounds and Jerky Movements

A lift that’s performing well will move silently and smoothly between floors. Weird screeching or clanging sounds aren’t idiosyncrasies; they’re signals that there are mechanical problems. Strange sounds may be accompanied by odd jerks and judders. These not only suggest something is wrong, they can also cause injury to passengers.

3. Lift Stopping is Inaccurate

Where the lift brakes have worn, the lift will stop just above, or below the floor level. As well as being a safety hazard for passengers stepping in or out of the lift cabin, the wearing of brakes will only get worse if left unattended. A lift audit can quickly assess the problem, and set about refurbishing the part which needs replacing.

4. Too Many People

It’s sometimes a case that a business outgrows its lift installation. As a London lift company with two decades of installations behind us, we have found ourselves removing small passenger lift and replacing it with a larger one. Not to do so risks overcrowding and excessive use of existing lifts. Alternatively, an extra lift could be installed to deal with the overflow.

5. Shabby Aesthetics

A shabby looking lift can lower the look and feel of a whole building. Regular passengers may not notice, but clients and newcomers will read the neglect coming off a lift as a symptom of the culture as a whole. Lift cabin design is an important, and often overlooked, element of lift refurbishment. It’s often a simple makeover involving improved lighting, new panels and a brightening up of the lift frontage.

Working With Tower Lifts

We provide London lift refurbishment to shops, offices, apartments and hotels. We also offer regular maintenance and repairs to businesses that need a sustained level of performance from their vertical transport. For managers of legacy lifts who need a detailed report on its condition, maintenance history and refurbishment requirements we provide detailed lift examinations.

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