London Lift Modernisation

Discover the Benefits of Lift Modernisation

We’ve all had the experience of travelling in a lift that feels like it’s well overdue some care and attention. And that’s hardly surprising, given that nearly half of all lifts in London were installed over 25 years ago! If your building relies on an aging lift, hidden costs could be stacking up. Frequent breakdowns, mounting repairs, outdated technology, and rising energy bills all point towards the need for London lift modernisation.

Is Lift Modernisation Right For You?

Are you looking to improve the safety, reliability, and ‘look’ of your building’s lift? If strategies to reduce maintenance and energy costs are high on your agenda, Tower Lifts has the expertise to analyse your existing lift system, determine the best modernisation approach, and manage your project to exacting standards.

Since 2006, Tower Lifts has partnered with architects, building managers, and owners to deliver transformative London lift modernisation projects. We specialise in commercial, residential, and industrial lift modernisation, offering expert advice, stylish design, and expert installation services to improve your lift’s performance, safety, and aesthetic appeal.

What is London Lift Modernisation?

What is London Lift Modernisation?

London lift modernisation revitalises your building’s vertical transportation. It goes beyond simple repairs, replacing outdated or worn components with state-of-the-art technology that improves:

  • Safety. Modernisation ensures compliance with the latest safety regulations, giving you and your building’s users peace of mind.
  • Reliability. New components minimise breakdowns, reducing downtime and costly emergency repairs.
  • Efficiency. Upgraded systems often provide significant energy savings and a smoother ride experience.
  • Aesthetics. Give your lift a sleek, contemporary look that aligns with your building’s image.

Lift Modernisation Projects: The Possibilities

The scope of modernisation varies depending on your lift’s needs. Here are common elements:

Controls and Operation

New control panels, systems, and door operators improve responsiveness and functionality. Imagine replacing sluggish, imprecise button controls with a sleek touchscreen panel for faster destination selection and a more intuitive user experience.

Essential Safety Upgrades

Improvements like modern landing systems, cabin lighting upgrades, two-way communication, and emergency power systems prioritise user safety. Consider a scenario where outdated cabin lighting is replaced with bright, energy-efficient LEDs, offering better visibility, and minimising trip hazards.


Modernisation can repurpose lifts for changing building needs – think of a heavy goods lift transformed into a stylish passenger lift. Or imagine an old, manually operated lift in a heritage building updated with automated controls, maintaining its character while providing accessibility for all users.

London Lift Modernisation in Action

Theory is helpful, but nothing beats seeing how lift modernisation actually works. Here are 2 real-world examples of how Tower Lifts has transformed lifts across London, improving safety, efficiency, and user experience:

Case Study 1: Croydon Passenger Lift Modernisation – Revitalising Residential Living

Tower Lifts partnered with a leading UK developer to transform the lifts within Croydon’s Impact House, breathing new life into this former office building as it transitioned into a stylish residential space. Our comprehensive modernisation of 3 passenger lifts focused on enhancing performance, aesthetics, safety, and reliability – key elements for creating an exceptional resident experience.

Case Study 2: Swallow House, Kings Cross – Expanding Lift Access for Building Growth

When buildings evolve, their lift systems must keep pace. At Swallow House, Kings Cross, Tower Lifts faced the challenge of extending an existing lift’s reach to accommodate major expansion works. Our innovative solutions offered a cost-effective and efficient alternative to a complete lift replacement, maximising value for the building owner.

Project Challenge: Integrate two new floors into the existing four-stop passenger lift system while minimising disruption during the building’s renovation.

Tower Lifts Solution:

  • Extended the lift’s travel, adapting the control system and associated mechanics.
  • Maintained design harmony with the building’s aesthetics where appropriate.
  • Ensured compliance with safety regulations for the expanded lift service.

Working With Tower Lifts

For nearly 20 years, Tower Lifts has been the trusted partner for lift design, installation, and modernisation across London’s commercial and residential sectors. Our expertise will revitalise your lift, ensuring:

  • Peak Performance – Minimise breakdowns and costly repairs for reliable operation.
  • Compliance Confidence – As an ISO 9001:2015 Lift Cert and UKAS approved company, we adhere to the highest safety standards.
  • Tailored Solutions – Modernisation plans customised to your building’s specific needs and budget.
  • End-to-End Excellence – From expert audits to flawless execution, we manage the complete process.

Is your lift holding you back? Let’s explore the possibilities. Contact Tower Lifts today for a free lift assessment to transform your legacy London lift into a modernised, efficient, and safe vertical transportation system – 01525 601099

Tower Lifts London lift team can design and install a varied range of lifts throughout the UK including:

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