London Lift Installation Case Studies

In the past decade, Tower Lifts have built a strong reputation for being the most reliable and professional London lift company

Our highly skilled engineers, designers and lift technicians have years of experience designing and installing bespoke lifts in London.

We have installed lifts in a wide variety of operating environments including private homes, retail stores, public buildings and factories. Here are just a few of the recent lift installations that we have performed in London.

retail lifts

Tower Lifts Install Bespoke Passenger Lift in Iconic Department Store

When Selfridges & Co began to look for a London lift company to install a bespoke passenger lift in their flagship Oxford Street store, they wanted a company known for it’s professionalism, reliability and experience. That is why they chose Tower Lifts for this very important lift installation.

Their Oxford street location required a lift installation that could carry up to two tons with a high level of efficiency and safety. The lift shaft in this old building was not a standard size, which meant that Tower Lifts had to design a bespoke solution that worked within their site restrictions.

The Selfridges & Co Oxford street location is a beautiful old building which had to be carefully dealt with. Tower Lifts managed to install a powerful new lift without interfering with the integrity of the building. Read more about our London lift installation for Selfridges & Co.

Tower Lifts Install Platform Lift in London

Tower lifts are platform lift specialists. We have experience using a wide range of platform lift technologies developed by various manufacturers and can develop bespoke platform lifts to suit any operating environment.   Tower Lifts are also accessibility lift specialists — our platform lifts fully comply with Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) guidelines.

We recently installed a platform lift with step-free access for the mobility impaired at a residential apartment block in Muswell Hill, north London. This platform lift will help disabled and elderly residents access a lovely garden space that was previously accessible only by stairs.

This bespoke platform lift has been modified to match the aesthetics of the building and includes advanced safety features. Read more about this platform lift installation in London.

8 person lift

Tower Lifts Install an 8-Person Lift in London Shoe Shop

Tower Lifts  were selected as one of the most experienced lift companies in London to design and install this 8-person lift in the busy Boutique London shoe shop “Size?”

This 3-stop, 8-person passenger lift has been carefully designed to match the modern aesthetic of the shop and meet the demands of a very busy retail location. This installation also involved the removal of some old lift components and replacing them with a very fast modern traction drive for the new lift.

Tower lifts were chosen for the project because “Size?” required a London Lift Company with a high level of experience installing lifts in busy retail environments. The lift will be used by both staff and customers to navigate the 3-storey London store. Read more about the “Size?” passenger lift in London.

Tower Lifts Install Pitless Lift in London

Tower lifts are pitless lift specialists. A pitless lift is used when there is insufficient room in a building for a deep lift shaft. Certain components of the lift and cabin must be altered to allow the lift to work in a lift shaft with a reduced pit size.

Two pitless lifts were installed by Tower Lifts in a grade-I listed former public baths building located on East India Road in London. Because the building is heritage listed, it was impossible to dig out a deeper lift shaft. The building is part of a £36-million pound leisure and housing complex that has almost been completed.

Tower Lifts were chosen by the property developers because we have experience working within the constraints of heritage listed buildings. Read more about this pitless lift installation.

pitless lift
Dumb Waiter in London shoe shop

Tower Lifts install Dumb Waiter in London

Tower lifts are also dumbwaiter lift specialists. We have installed dumbwaiters in a wide range of locations including restaurants, factories, warehouses, retail locations and private homes. One of our most recent dumbwaiter installations was for the boutique shoe shop “Size?”.

“Size?” required a dumbwaiter in their London store to quickly move merchandise between floors. Because their retail locations are extremely busy, they required a dumbwaiter that was very fast, efficient and safe. The project involved removing an old 4-stop dumbwaiter and replacing it with a new 4-stop dumbwaiter that moves between 5 floors (from the basement to the 3rd floor).

They chose Tower Lifts because we are highly experienced with dumbwaiter installations and are regarded as the most reputable Lift Company in London.

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