Lifts in Houses

Why are More People Installing Lifts in Houses?

The growth in a sector such as ‘home lifts’ never comes down to a single factor. For a product to grow at the rate residential lifts are, there has to be a number of different influences in play. Most obvious is the fact that the UK has an ageing population and a shrinking social care system. So families are proactively seeking ‘solutions’ to allow parents to continue living at home as the get older. Many of the lifts we install at Tower Lifts are for this purpose.

Alongside the ‘future planning’ though, we have a growing number of clients who are wheelchairs users and are looking to install wheelchair home lifts in order to make their home accessible throughout. Also in the mix are housing developers who are beginning to consider the home lift as a ‘differentiator’ for buyers. They are installing luxury lifts for houses in high-end new builds and finding that buyers are snapping them up.

It’s a Great Time to Install a Home Lift

There are now home lift companies popping up everywhere. As demand grows, prices become more affordable and the range of lift styles and design options proliferate. Tower Lifts designers are finding that more and more clients are looking for bespoke lift designs. It’s no longer enough for lifts in houses to match the interior décor; now they’re becoming a design feature in their own right.

A Range of Home Lift Options to Choose From

As bespoke designers of lifts for houses, Tower Lifts seeks to create the lift that is perfect for its environment. In order to do this, we start out by talking through a range of models with clients:

  • Platform Lifts. If you need wheelchair access in your home, platform lifts are the ideal solution. There’s no need for a lift shaft, and we create bespoke designs that integrate fully with your home.
  • Small Lifts. For clients with limited space in their home, we can create lifts that utilise existing space efficiently, without eating up your floor space.
  • External Lifts for Houses. Where space is at a premium, the external lift offers a real alternative. Families are increasingly using these to provide access to self-contained accommodation for older children.
  • Luxury Lifts. If you want to make a feature out of your home lift, we’d love to work with you on it. We can create ‘centrepiece’ lifts, scenic lifts, or ones that appear at the flick of a switch, apparently from nowhere.
  • Dumb Waiter Lifts. This cabinet lift is invaluable if you want meals, drinks, luggage or laundry moved between floors. It’s elegant and discrete – hence the name.

Working With Tower Lifts

For nearly 20 years now we have been a leading home lift company for London and across the UK. In addition to the design and installation of residential lifts, we also offer ongoing maintenance and emergency repairs. Our maintenance contracts are tailored to each individual client guaranteeing continued premium performance and prompt repairs should you need them.

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