Lifts for Wheelchairs

Residential Installation of Lifts for Wheelchairs

A wheelchair lift, also known as an access, or disability lift, is designed to do 3 things for users. First, to improve quality of life, second, provide independence in the home, and third, offer access to every part of your living space. Whatever the size, age, or architectural constraints of your property, Tower Lifts engineers are equipped with the skills, creativity and experience to achieve this.

We’ve been designing and installing lifts for wheelchairs for nearly two decades now. During that time we’ve created lifts for purpose-built residential settings, adapted period properties to wheelchair access, and helped clients who – due to accident or illness – have had to adapt their homes quickly to provide wheelchair access throughout.

There are three types of lifts for wheelchairs that we suggest to our clients:

  1. A Wheelchair Lift for Stairs. If you prefer to use the stairs as your primary form of access to all floors, the wheelchair lift for stairs is an excellent option. It takes up far less space than a vertical lift installation in your home, and requires less structural alteration. Tower Lifts engineers can design wheelchair lifts for straight, curved, or even spiral staircases.
  2. External Wheelchair Lifts. As lift technology develops, so do the options for wheelchair users. A number of Tower Lifts clients have opted for an external wheelchair lifts installation. In some cases this is because architectural constraints make an internal lift impossible, but more often the choice is more pragmatic. An external wheelchair lift is an excellent space-saving option, and is usually simple to install. An additional benefit is that the installation is external, leaving your interiors unaffected.
  3. Wheelchair Platform Lifts. The vertical platform lift comprises a traditional cabin lift, which is large enough for a wheelchair user to access comfortably. It runs on an electric, or hydraulic, system and is ideal for properties with space and height restrictions. Wheelchair platform lifts design can be customised to fit the style and décor of your home, and installation is normally quick and straightforward.

Wheelchair Lifts Add Value to Your Home

A property with a wheelchair lift installation is now an attractive proposition to a wide range of buyers. In the UK we have an ageing population, which makes the need to future-proof properties a more pressing concern. Many families have older, less physically able relatives, so they’re looking for inclusive design in a property. External lifts, in particular, are an extremely attractive proposition for families of all ages.

Leading Installers of Lifts for Wheelchairs

Tower Lifts has been a champion of wheelchair access throughout its design and installation history as a company. We lead the field when it comes to bespoke, beautifully designed residential wheelchair lifts. Our designers bring decades of experience to each new installation, and take time to talk through the options with clients to ensure they end up with the wheelchair lift that best suits their needs.

Tower Lifts is a leading UK installer of lifts for wheelchairs. Our experienced designers and installers provide bespoke residential lift solutions – Call us on 01525 601099