Lift Upgrading

Lift Upgrading

Why Lift Upgrading Makes Sense for UK Businesses

A commercial lift replacement is a relatively rare occurrence for the Tower Lifts team. Which is how it should be. When we’re called out to assess a lift that’s giving trouble, we’ll more often than not recommend a lift refurbishment, or lift upgrading rather than the more extreme option of lift replacement.

In this blog we look at the difference between a lift upgrade and refurbishment, and consider which is more advantageous for UK businesses with ageing lifts.

What is a Lift Refurbishment?

What does a lift refurbishment provide? It restores an ailing lift to the condition it would have been in when new. Faulty components are replaced, electrical equipment is made good, and the cabin interior is refreshed. The end result is a restoration of your original lift, a guarantee of safety for passengers, and peace of mind that disruption to business has been minimised.

What is Lift Upgrading?

Also known as lift modernisation, a lift upgrade concentrates on improvement, rather than restoration. Components are replaced with the most up-to-date equivalent which impacts on the positively on running costs, performance, appearance. An upgraded lift will operate to all current regulations and safety standards.

Lift Modernisation from Tower Lifts

If your lift is requiring regular repairs and maintenance, looking shabby, or scaring passengers off with its grumbling and groaning, it’s probably overdue an upgrade. Our lift engineers will assess each component and provide a list of upgrade recommendations. This may include:

  • Replacement Car Doors. Updated car doors will offer a quieter, smoother performance which maximises the safety of passengers.
  • New Hoist/Motor. Replacing this key component will optimise your lift’s performance, and guarantee users’ safety.
  • Passenger Cabin Interior. A cabin that’s seen better days is off-putting and can give a poor impression of your company. An upgraded interior improves your passengers’ experience and lifts the aesthetics of its surroundings.
  • Control Panel. Users appreciate a sleek, easy-to-use panel of buttons in the lift cabin and on the exterior. This particular upgrade also improves access, and enhances the look of the lift.
  • Replacement Electrics. Upgrading your lift’s electrical system and controller improves its efficiency, enhances the safety, and makes your vertical transport more sustainable.
  • Communications. Should the lift break down, it’s important that passengers have a reliable communications system to hand.

Working With Tower Lifts

The Tower Lifts team guarantees a professional, streamlined approach to lift upgrading, ensuring client enjoy the full range of benefits it offers. We’re a leading provider of lift design, lift installation and modernisation, for clients across a range of commercial sectors. All upgrading works are carried out by Tower Lifts engineers from initial assessment, through to completion and handover.

Once your upgrade is complete, and you’re enjoying the benefits of a fully modernised system, you’ll want your lift to remain in optimum condition. Tower Lifts offers tailored maintenance and servicing contracts. These offer ongoing checks, adjustments and repairs where necessary. And should you need emergency repairs, we provide a 24/7 service.

Would you like to speak to a Tower Lifts engineer about the condition of your business lift? Call us today to find out how we can help on 01525 601099

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