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The majority of lift owners are hugely responsible when it comes to ensuring their passengers’ safety, but they tend to be wary of the term ‘lift upgrade’ because they think it sounds like an expensive procedure. Tower Lifts engineers are always at pains to explain that a lift upgrade/modernisation can refer to something as small as the replacement of the control panel within the passenger cabin, or as big as a complete refurbishment of the mechanics, cabin décor, and aesthetics. We are currently working with a number of clients on lift upgrades in Watford; in each case, the process is the same, we begin with a survey of the lift’s condition, make recommendations, and then discuss the extent of the Watford lift refurbishment required.

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A Range of Lift Upgrades in Watford


We offer a range of Watford lift refurbishment services including:

Reliability Upgrade – If your lift has started to breakdown regularly, there are a number of key components that could be at fault, such as the door, shaft switches, controllers, or floor selection equipment. Our engineers will locate the problem and provide the solution.

Performance Upgrade – If your passengers are experiencing a bumpy ride, this could be down to your control panel and drive. We can repair or replace the faulty components and return your lift to full performance quickly and efficiently.

Compliance Upgrade – Legislation changes regularly and even lifts that are regularly maintained can easily become non-compliant with the latest Health & Safety or DDA requirements. We can carry out a quick compliance survey and make any necessary changes to your vertical transport.

Aesthetic Upgrade – If your lift continues to work well and is popular with passengers but has become shabby over the years, an internal or external upgrade tends to enhance not only the vertical transport but also its operating environment.

Lift Upgrades in Watford from A Trusted Provider

Lift upgrades in Watford

Tower Lifts has been providing lift upgrades in Watford for close on two decades now, as well as installing passenger transport, providing regular lift maintenance and helping older residents to find home lift solutions which allow them to retain their independence, and continue living in the family home. Whatever the condition of your lift, we will diagnose, advise and provide a budget-sensitive schedule for lift upgrades in Watford.

 Tower Lifts can install a variety of lifts in bespoke configurations, throughout Watford and the UK including:

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