A Lift Upgrade in Sussex Can Improve Performance and Save You Money

The beautiful county of Sussex is home to the world-famous Glyndebourne Opera House, and it also briefly became home to the Tower Lifts team earlier in the year. We were asked to design and install a bespoke passenger lift to transport Glyndebourne visitors to all three floors of the stunning arts venue. Working in glorious surroundings on such an exciting project has been a delight, and we’re now looking forward to starting work on further design and installation projects across the county.

View the recent case study for the Glyndebourne, Sussex Lift Installation here

A Lift Company for Sussex

Tower Lifts brings over a decade of design and installation experience to the work they undertake in Sussex. We have worked across the UK in a diverse range of operating environments including shopping malls, hotels, historic houses, art galleries, residential homes, shops, schools, leisure centres and warehouses. Our team love the challenge of each new project, and we have long ceased expecting ‘standard’ installations to come our way! Most of our lifts are bespoke because either the architecture, or the location demands a solution which isn’t available in standard models. We pride ourselves on being a lift company for Sussex that can provide our clients with ingenious lift installations, even in the most unpromising of environments.

A Company You Can Trust with Your Lift Upgrade in Sussex

Lift Upgrade sussex

As a leading supplier of lift upgrades, we spend much of our time with clients who have become concerned that their vertical transport needs replacing. The creaks, groans and shudders which accompany a lift’s aging process can be alarming – especially to passengers – but often they are not signals that the lift is about to expire. Our lift engineers are often able to offer a range of suggestions in these cases which involve the replacement of components, the upgrading of specific features, and a robust servicing of the transport’s complex mechanism. A lift upgrade in Sussex is far less costly than a lift replacement, and the results are often astounding to its users.

Lift Modernisation in Sussex Brings Old Buildings to Life

An old and neglected lift can be a dismal experience for its passengers; quite apart from the bumpy ride with creaky soundtrack accompanying it, the visual aspect of an aging lift can give a poor impression to a building’s visitors of residents. We work a good deal on lift modernisation in Sussex and we often astound ourselves by the transformations we are able to affect. Our lift modernisation in Sussex includes servicing, repairs and replacement of lift components, and the refurbishment of the passenger cabin and surround. We can decorate, or provide a new ‘finish’ for your lift in a variety of colours and textures, ensuring that it matches the aesthetic of its surroundings.

Whether you’re looking for a lift upgrade in Sussex, a lift maintenance package, or a brand-new lift installation, the Tower Lifts Sussex team will dedicate themselves to finding the perfect solution to your needs.

If you have a lift installed in Sussex or elsewhere which requires maintenance or servicing, we have a team of experts ready and willing to keep your lift working safely and efficiently


If you would like to speak to a member of staff, regarding a Lift Upgrade in Sussex or any surrounding areas, please contact us today on 01525 601099 or by email: info@tower-lifts.co.uk

Our Lift team in Sussex can design and install a varied range of lifts throughout the area including:

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