Lift Upgrade in London by Tower Lifts

Lifts installed in older residential buildings can become noisy or unreliable, causing disruption and inconvenience to passengers. Tower Lifts are regularly called upon to assess the condition of older residential lifts in London properties – those installed twenty to thirty years ago – and to offer an upgrade schedule for the refurbishment of worn components such as door operators and controllers. Our aim is always to restore older residential lift installations to full working order, providing a consistently excellent service to residents dependent on the transport it offers.

Tower Lifts Provides Lift Upgrade for Redcliffe Square, London

Redcliffe Square, situated in Chelsea and close to Earls Court, is characterised by elegant older properties many of which have been converted, over the years, into flats and apartments. Tower Lifts will be carrying out a complete lift refurbishment on a residential property in the Square. The work will involve the modernisation of a thirty year old hydraulic lift system and lift controller. We will also be upgrading the aesthetics to improve the overall appearance of the transport, and – as is the case with all our lift installations and upgrades – we will be guaranteeing that the lift meets current safety standards and disability access regulations.

lift upgrade and modernisation

Tower Lifts is the Leading Supplier of Lift Modernisation in London

Over the past fifteen years Tower Lifts has undertaken extensive lift modernisation projects across London, in a range of different residential properties. Our team of highly experienced designers and installers has earned the company the reputation of being the leading provider for lift upgrades and refurbishment.

Lift Modernisation Services from Tower Lifts

We offer a range of lift modernisation services which can be combined to ensure the optimum operating standards are met:

Health and Safety Upgrade – at Tower Lifts we take safety very seriously. We can offer a full assessment of the upgrades required to older residential lifts in order to ensure that your installation meets current safety standards.
Disability Discrimination Act Upgrade – lifts which are used by the public are legally required to adhere to the Disability Discrimination Act standards for accessibility. Tower Lifts will assess the work that needs to be done to meet these standards, and offer a full costing for upgrades required.
Performance Quality Lift Upgrade – over the years of service, older residential lifts develop faults, particularly in the areas of acceleration and deceleration. In order to avoid anxiety for lift passengers, Tower Lifts will offer a clear and concise diagnosis of operating faults and provide a complete schedule for repairs.

Reliability Lift Upgrade – people come to rely on the service their lift provides in residential settings. A lift that is unreliable, or is known to break down regularly, causes distress and inconvenience. Tower Lifts can provide expert advice on the lift components most likely to cause disruption to service, and offer a detailed response plan to such problems.
Decorative Lift Upgrade – a poorly decorated residential lift, or one which looks old-fashioned and shabby, creates a poor impression of the building as a whole. Tower Lifts specialises in crafting beautiful interiors as part of their lift modernisation service, either in the form of refurbishment of existing features, or the upgrading of features to a contemporary style.

Whatever your lift modernisation needs, we have a team of dedicated experts who will be able to assess, diagnose and plan the schedule of repairs to ensure the complete refurbishment of your residential transport.


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