A Lift Upgrade for Kent Can Prove to Be a Great Investment

Word-of-mouth has worked well for us across Kent, and we have our clients to thank for the rapid growth of our reputation in this beautiful county. We are now experiencing demand, not only for the big projects, such as the passenger lift we installed for Sidcup House recently but also for lift upgrade projects requiring our input as trusted partners on the contemporary regeneration of older lift installations.

A Lift Upgrade for Kent is Cost Effective for Clients

Lifts over twenty years old inevitably need attention, even if they have been well-maintained and serviced regularly. Many of our clients assume that they will require lift modernisation, or a complete lift refurbishment and are wary of the investment this may entail. We will always discuss the possibility of lift upgrades as a cost-effective alternative. The advantage of this option is that discrete lift upgrades can be scheduled, over an agreed period, which spreads the cost, demonstrates commitment to passengers, and causes minimum disruption to regular users.

We Offer The Following Lift Upgrades:

Lift Upgrade #1 – Performance – This is a ‘quick win’ for older lifts as the effects of the upgrade are immediately apparent to passengers. We replace the control panel in order to improve the acceleration, deceleration and ‘stop’ mechanism of the lift.

Lift Upgrade #2 – Health and Safety – Many lifts installed over two decades ago will no longer comply with current Health and Safety legislation. Our experienced engineers will undertake a detailed assessment, and provide a list of improvements required to meet the very latest standards.

Lift Upgrade #3 – Disability Discrimination – If your lift is being used by the general public, then there is a legal requirement to ensure it meets DDA standards. Adaptations include handrails, intercom, destination announcements, audible and audible control buttons, and stopping accuracy.

Lift upgrade for Kent

Lift Upgrade #4 – Reliability – Passengers who lose faith in a lift’s reliability will require a good deal of persuading to start using the facility again. There are a number of key factors than can reduce the reliability of a lift installation, such as lift doors, shaft switches, and control buttons. We will make recommendations based on our reliability assessment.

Lift Upgrade #5 – Aesthetics – Lifts quickly lose their lustre, however elegant they appeared when first installed. We can provide a range of options to bring the look of your lift back to life, including replacement mirrors, floors, lighting, surround and walls.

Lift Upgrade for Kent Makes Economic Sense

When we offer the ‘modular’ lift upgrades option to our clients, it makes absolute sense to them. It gives them control of their budget whilst maximising their ROI. Where lift maintenance has been patchy, or non-existent, we would need to assess the extent of the immediate repairs required before commencing lift upgrades, and we would always recommend regular lift maintenance alongside lift upgrades to ensure that lifts in Kent stay in immaculate condition.

If you are in need of a lift upgrade in Kent and surrounding areas then please give us a call, we have a team of experts ready to upgrade your lift!


If you would like a call from our Lift Upgraders in Kent or across the South East, please contact us today on 01525 601099 or by email: info@tower-lifts.co.uk

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