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As local suppliers of lifts for a range of commercial, residential and industrial clients across Bedford, the ‘lift upgrade’ conversation is one that we are used to initiating, even when our clients are convinced that they can squeeze another few months out of their creaking, juddering vertical transport. We understand that there are always demands on budget that appear to take priority over Bedfordshire lift refurbishment, but we also know that a poorly performing lift offers ever diminishing returns on investment.

Lift Upgrades in Bedfordshire for Every Budget

We are now offering our clients a range of options when considering Bedfordshire lift repair or refurbishment. Lift upgrades come in many forms, and the process can be staged and then scheduled to match the budget of businesses, or residents, over months or years. For the Tower Lifts engineers, the most important priority is to acknowledge when a lift needs more than just the yearly maintenance to guarantee reliable performance for its passengers. Once a lift falls into disrepair it’s not only the passengers that suffer; emergency repairs are a costly addition to operating costs, and we would far rather plan an affordable route to full heath, rather than patching up the vulnerabilities.

If you are in need of a lift upgrade for Bedford, we have a team of experts ready and willing to upgrade and maintain your lift!


Lift Upgrades in Bedfordshire Options

The Tower Lifts engineers can provide clients with a clear assessment of the Bedfordshire lift refurbishment required in order to return to prime working order. The key thing is to know where to start with the work, and when to schedule each stage.

An example of a typical lift upgrade for Bedford schedule might comprise:

Reliability – a lift may be becoming ‘temperamental’ in its performance, causing passengers to ‘give up on it’ or lose their trust in it. Often the solution to an unreliable lift can lie in one component, such as the door control (around 50% of lift breakdowns are caused by faulty doors). Your lift upgrade may begin with replacement doors, therefore, leading to an immediate improvement in performance.


Disability Discrimination Act Upgrade – the second stage in your lift upgrade for Bedfordshire, might be an accessibility survey, undertaken by our engineers, followed by recommended actions such as: tactile and audible push buttons, accurate floor levelling, or cabin handrails. Once the work is complete your lift will be reliable and DDA compliant.

Aesthetics – you may want to complete the upgrade by treating your vertical transport to a bit of a face-lift. This may consist of something as simple as changing the wall panels, replacing the floor or ceiling, or investing in new mirrors. Even the smallest of touches will be noticed and appreciated by your passengers.

Time for Your Bedfordshire Lift Refurbishment?

Why not ask for a lift refurbishment assessment today? We promise to make the conversation painless, and the process manageable. Our lift engineers have years of experience in lift maintenance and lift upgrades for Bedford and across the county of Bedfordshire, so the advice they give is trustworthy and transparent – which is what you would expect from your local lift provider!

Please contact our friendly staff today on 01525 601099 for all lift requirements

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