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Lift Servicing in London From Tower Lifts

London is home to over a million operating businesses, and regardless of their size, ensuring smooth transportation of goods and people is of utmost importance. The consequences of having an “out of service” elevator for these businesses can be significant. That’s why lift servicing London is crucial for businesses needing their vertical transport to be providing top-quality performance every day.

Tower Lifts is an established London lift company providing bespoke design, lift installation, emergency repairs, and lift maintenance and servicing for businesses across the city. Our team of factory-trained engineers possesses extensive expertise in all types of lifts and routinely handles passenger lifts, goods lifts, platform lifts, and dumbwaiters. Our skilled and experienced lift engineers are able to service, repair, maintain, and upgrade any lifting equipment for the commercial, retail, and residential sectors.

What is Lift Servicing London?

Lift servicing involves the creation of a preventative servicing schedule, in order to keep lifts providing optimal performance, and prevent costly repairs. A servicing schedule involves regular checks and replacement of any worn components. Tower Lifts prioritises three key lift servicing objectives for businesses:

  • Minimising lift downtime. We understand the importance of keeping your lift operational at all times. Our goal is to minimise any potential downtime by addressing issues promptly and efficiently.
  • Reducing lift breakdown. Our comprehensive approach focuses on preventive maintenance. Our skilled engineers proactively identify potential problems during maintenance checks and take the necessary steps to repair or upgrade components before they escalate into major breakdowns.
  • Increasing the lifespan of the lift. By implementing regular servicing and addressing maintenance needs promptly, we aim to extend the lifespan of your lift. Our proactive approach helps in identifying and resolving issues that could potentially cause premature wear and tear.

Tower Lifts engineers are always fully equipped and prepared for maintenance checks, with well-stocked vans that enable them to carry out their tasks efficiently. Our maintenance checklist covers a range of crucial activities, including servicing, testing, lubricating, and inspecting every component of the lift.

Each service session is meticulously recorded as part of the lift’s service history. Additionally, we provide ongoing recommendations for repairs and upgrades as part of our preventive strategy to ensure the optimal performance and longevity of your lift.

Lift Servicing London Includes Emergency Repairs

Experiencing a lift breakdown can be a nightmare for building managers. Without a service contract in place, emergency repairs can be both costly and challenging to arrange. However, clients of Tower Lifts can rest assured knowing that our dedicated emergency repair team provides 24/7 coverage for repairs. Our experienced engineers specialise in managing breakdown situations, from reassuring passengers to swiftly diagnosing and fixing the issue. In most cases, we are able to restore the lift’s functionality during our initial visit.

At Tower Lifts, we believe in proactive maintenance to minimise the occurrence of breakdowns. The majority of lift repairs are identified and addressed during the preventive phase. Regular servicing ensures that all lift components undergo continuous inspection, and necessary upgrades are implemented accordingly. This approach significantly reduces the risk of emergency breakdowns, providing peace of mind for lift managers and users alike.

Tower Lifts Offers Lift Modernisation

Having a legacy lift to manage can present significant challenges, but a full lift replacement may not be the only solution. Tower Lifts specialises in offering London lift modernisation as a viable option for businesses with older lifts on their premises.

Lift modernisation involves the replacement of worn or outdated lift components, bringing the technology up to date and aligning it with current safety, compliance, and performance standards.

This approach offers several benefits:

  • Compliance with current regulations. Modernisation ensures that the lift meets the requirements outlined in the Equality Act 2010 and other relevant regulations, providing a fully compliant solution.
  • Enhanced aesthetics. The modernisation process includes improving the lift’s interior and exterior design, creating an aesthetically pleasing environment that complements the overall business interior and encourages usage.
  • Reduced maintenance costs. By upgrading the lift components, ongoing maintenance costs are typically lowered. This brings about renewed confidence among users and reduces the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns.

Tailored Contracts for Lift Servicing London

Ensuring the regular maintenance of lifts is not only a legal requirement for building owners or managers but also crucial for the safety and reliability of the lifts. The most convenient approach to meet these obligations is by having a lift servicing contract with a reputable provider. This ensures that your lifts remain compliant with LOLER regulations and provides peace of mind to employees who rely on them daily, knowing they are safe to use.

The requirements for lift servicing can vary based on several factors. The age of the lift is an important consideration, as well as the daily traffic it handles, its location, and its maintenance history. At Tower Lifts, we believe in providing tailored lift services to meet the specific needs of each business. To achieve this, we conduct a comprehensive lift audit that allows us to assess the requirements and design a service contract accordingly.

Tower Lifts is dedicated to keeping your lift compliant with any changes in legislation. We adhere to the latest British and European standards, and our lift engineers hold CHAS accreditation, ISO9001:2015 Lift Cert, and UKAS approval. With our experienced team and commitment to quality, you can trust that your lift maintenance is in capable hands.

Working With Tower Lifts

We are a London lift company, established nearly two decades ago, with a commitment to providing top quality lift servicing London. Our engineers design, install and maintain passenger lifts, goods lifts and platform lifts for the many sectors that rely upon vertical transport to keep their lives and their business on track.

Want to talk to a Tower Lifts engineer about lift servicing London? Call our specialist team today on 01525 601099 to find out how we can help.

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