Lift Service Engineers

If you’re a lift owner, or if you manage a building that has a lift, you have specific responsibilities with regard the safety of passengers. As a Dutyholder you are legally required to ensure that the lift is safe to use. This mean that all vertical transport must be examined by a competent person at regular intervals.

Looking for Specialist Lift Service Engineers?

Tower Lifts is committed to easing the burden on dutyholders by supplying lift service engineers who fully meet the definition of ‘competency’ required by the LOLER ( Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998) regulations. The role requires someone who:

  • Has the technical and practical knowledge to be able to detect lift defects

  • Is able to determine the significance to safety of any lift defects they encounter

  • Is independent and impartial, in order that they can make an objective assessment

  • Can form an impartial assessment of the quality of regular maintenance work

Lift Maintenance

In the LOLER regulations, ‘maintenance’ is defined as preventive checks and actions taken regularly  to keep the lift operating efficiently and safely. Tower Lifts works with individual clients to determine the frequency with which maintenance checks should be carried out. The schedule will depend upon the age of the lift, the frequency of use, whether it carries passengers or goods, and the regularity of maintenance to date.

Thorough Examination

A ‘thorough examination’ is required every 6 months if the lift is used to carry people, or 12 months for goods lifts. It is defined as a detailed and systematic examination, with the aim of detecting any defects that require immediate remedial action. It will also assess the quality of maintenance to date. The depth of the examination will be dependent on the criteria listed above for maintenance.


‘Inspections’ supplement the ‘thorough examinations’ and can be carried out by a trained employee. These would normally comprise visual checks of the equipments. Specific attention would be paid to the lift doors, alarm system and any intercom features within the cabin. This isn’t a specialist job requiring the same competencies as maintenance, or examination.

Documentation and Record Keeping

Records of preventive maintenance need to be kept as a matter of course for up to 2 years. Reports on your ‘thorough examination’ should detail any immediate remedial action required. These records should be kept for 2 years. Records of intermediate inspections should also be logged and kept up to date.

Lift Service Engineers Supplied by Tower Lifts

For LOLER regulations, a competent person will need technical skills and qualifications, practical skills acquired as an installer or maintenance engineer, and administrative skills required for the completing of detailed reports. Tower Lifts service engineers achieve all 3 of the competency requirements and can be relied upon to complete the examination, and subsequent report, professionally and to deadline.

Looking for Specialist Lift Service Engineers? Tower Lifts engineers meet the LOLER competencies to carry out maintenance or servicing. Call us today on 01525 601099