Lift Repairs in Northampton

A visitor to Northampton has only to stand in the busy market square to experience the essence of this town’s character; always on the move, always adapting. Tower Lifts’ installation and design team are frequent visitors to this, one of the UK’s largest towns, and the range of clients we work with – from shoemakers, to industrial plants, to financial houses and distribution centres – tell the history of an energised community prepared to be flexible, shift their focus when necessary, and move with the times to maintain economic prosperity for the town’s population.

This propensity to keep your eye on the ball, maintaining the status quo whilst watching for emerging trends which might galvanise new industry or offer new opportunities to existing businesses, is very much in tune with our philosophy when it comes to lift maintenance across Northamptonshire. Much of our work in the town comprises lift repairs which we will always treat as a priority, offering a 24/7 phone line and a rapid response team to get your vertical transportation up and running as soon as possible. Having made essential repairs, we will always recommend our lift maintenance package as the most cost effective way forward for businesses, for the following reasons:

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  • Emergency lift repairs are responsive and expensive; lift breakdowns lose passengers’ trust.
  • A well-maintained lift will provide a reliable service and a consistently excellent transport experience for passengers.
  • Our lift maintenance team will keep the lift running smoothly, but will also advise of impending repairs or upgrades that may need to be scheduled in over time.
  • As the operating environment changes and grows, the lift requirements may change with it, such as additional lift cabins, aesthetic upgrades, lift modernisation or lift refurbishment.
  • Our lift engineers in Northampton have the expertise and experience to be able to offer consultation when it comes to determining your vertical transportation roadmap for the future.
  • We understand that lift transport will always be one of many competing demands on a business’ budget, but planned lift improvements and upgrades can be scheduled in advance and tailored to the budget available.

Tower Lifts for Ongoing Service and Maintenance in Northampton

At Tower Lifts we consider vertical transportation to be an essential service offering passengers access to work, home, and leisure. Installing a lift is just the start of the service; maintaining a reliable and trustworthy transportation means developing a partnership with a provider you can depend on to maintain and develop that service over the years.

Tower Lifts provide all aspects of elevator services including lift installation, lift refurbishment, lift maintenance and lift repair



If you are in need of a lift repair in Northampton or surround areas, please contact our friendly staff today on 01525 601099

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