Lift Repairs in Birmingham Are Essential for a Smooth Running City

Birmingham was once known as the ‘industrial powerhouse of the world’ but its 21st century incarnation is more likely to attract visitors for shopping, iconic structures such as the ‘bubble-wrap building’ and the new central library, and the gourmet temptations of the canal district. The cultural shift for cities such as Birmingham requires that retail and commercial services place their customers at the heart of all they do, if they are to succeed. Ease of access to the full range of facilities on offer across the city is an essential component of the success story Birmingham has come to represent.

conveyor-system-birminghamThe Tower Lifts design and installation team are aware of the ‘behind-the-scenes’ lift infrastructure which keeps visitors to the city moving efficiently from one location to another, and they have also been involved in projects designed to optimise the efficiency of the retail services provided to those visitors. Schuh, the leading footwear company, recently asked us to help design and install an inclined conveyer system to transport shoes from the warehouse to the shop floor without having to remove vital sales assistants from their customer-facing role.


Prompt Lift Repairs in Birmingham

As lifts become more essential to a city’s culture, the consequences of lift breakdown are heightened which is why Tower Lifts provides a 24-hour service offering prompt lift repairs in Birmingham. A broken lift can prove a major frustration for customers with heavy bags, small children, or mobility challenges, and can disrupt the smooth-running of the retail process. At Tower Lifts our aim is to mitigate the disruption by providing a clear estimation of the length of time lift repairs will take, and a dedicated repair team who are happy to collaborate with clients to maintain the smooth running of the business whilst repairs are being carried out.

 Lift Maintenance in Birmingham

Whilst a rapid response to lift breakdowns solves the immediate problem, our lift installers will always recommend that regular lift maintenance in Birmingham as a preferred option. When vertical transportation is a vital element of the business, regular and thorough lift maintenance provides much needed peace of mind. For lifts fitted a while ago, lift maintenance in Birmingham would most likely begin with a full service which would include cleaning the mechanism, identifying components that need replacing, and diagnosing potential repairs to be scheduled over a period of time. Once the lift is in full working order, annual lift maintenance checks provide clients with an ongoing guarantee of efficiency and reliability.

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Tower Lifts can install a variety of lifts in bespoke configurations, throughout Birmingham and the UK including:

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