Lift Repair in London

A lift that is malfunctioning is not only inconvenient — it can be a serious safety hazard to the occupants of a building. Because of the safety issues involved, it is important to have any problems with your lifts repaired quickly and efficiently.

Tower Lifts have been repairing lifts in London for more than 15-years and have established a reputation for being professional, reliable, and safe. Our qualified lift engineers have the right combination of skills, knowledge, and experience to make lift repairs simple.

We offer emergency lift repairs in London and will restore the operation of your lift very quickly. Our company can repair lifts from a wide variety of manufacturers and we also offer lift maintenance packages.

If you require lift repairs in London, please contact our friendly staff today on  01525 601099 or read on to learn more about our services.

Lift Repair in London – Our Lift Repair Services

We can repair all aspects of your lift including:

Lift Repairs London

  • Lift engine repairs
    If your lift has been struggling to move efficiently between floors or the engine has become noisey, our talented lift engineers can address the issue for you.
  • Lift cable repairs
    A lift with cable problems may be very noisey or uncomfortable to ride in. Our engineers can address any cable problems, making the lift comfortable to ride in once again.
  • Lift communication system repairs
    We can repair any audio or visual communication systems that your lift contains.
  • Lift cabin repairs
    The cabins of busy lifts suffer from a lot of wear and tear. If the railings, safety features or decorative aspects of your lift have been damaged, our skilled technicians can quickly repair them for you — restoring your lift to perfect condition.
  • Lift wiring or control panel repairs
    Environmental factors can sometimes cause lift wiring and control panels to malfunction. Our lift technicians can repair and restore any electrical components your lift has.
  • Lift brakes repairs
    If your lift is noisey or shudders when coming to a stop, your lift brakes may need to be repaired.
  • Lift cabin door repairs
    It is important to have fully functioning and reliable lift cabin doors. They are an essential safety feature that prevent injuries from occurring. If you notice any issues with your lift doors, contact Tower Lifts immediately.

Lift Repair in London – Emergency Call Outs

We understand the impact that a malfunctioning lift can have on residents, employees and customers. If the lift is in a residential complex or home, it can be very inconvenient and may present a serious safety hazard. If the malfunctioning lift is in a commercial environment, it may also cost you thousands of pounds in lost revenue.

Our emergency call out service has been developed to respond to emergency situations rapidly and efficiently. We provide 24/7 lift repairs in London and will get lift technicians to your premises as soon as possible. Tower Lifts employ the best lift engineers in London to perform all work to a very high standard.

Lift Repair London

Lift Maintenance London

In addition to performing lift repairs in London, we also offer clients a wide range of lift maintenance services. We can help clients keep their lift in excellent working order and ensure that it remains compliant with the relevant safety guidelines.

Our lift engineers can also develop a lift maintenance schedule that perfectly matches the operating conditions, usage, maintenance history and age of your lift. By having an appropriate lift servicing maintenance you can:

  • Reduce the risk of lift equipment failure
  • Reduce equipment repair costs
  • Reduce lift downtime
  • Increase the safety and performance of your lift

If you have a lift installed which requires maintenance or repairs, we have a team of experts ready and willing to keep your lift working safely and efficiently


We perform a wide range of lift maintenance services in London including:

  • Lift risk assessment
    Our experienced engineers will examine the condition of your lift and identify any potential maintenance problems. They will also look for any safety issues that are present and offer advice on addressing them.
  • Lift engine maintenance
    We employ some of the most talented lift engineers in London. They are familiar with a wide range of lift engines and will ensure that your lift’s engine is in excellent running order.
  • Lift cable maintenance
    Our engineers will inspect and maintain your lift’s cable to ensure the lift is safe and operates smoothly.
  • Lift cabin maintenance
    If your lift is in a public environment, it is crucial that the cabin look its best. Passengers will enjoy a more comfortable ride and feel safer being in the lift if the cabin is in great condition.
  • Maintenance on electrical wiring and control panels
    Environmental factors can damage electrical wiring and control panels over time. Our technicians can examine your lift’s wiring to ensure it is in great condition
  • Lift protective coatings refinishing
    Our engineers can reapply protective coatings on mechanical components relating to the lift, ensuring years or smooth running and protecting your investment.
  • Lift safety control maintenance
    Our experienced lift technicians will audit the safety of your lift and make any changes that are required for compliance.

If you are interested in lift maintenance or lift repairs in London, please contact our friendly staff today on 01525 601099

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