Lift Repair in Hertfordshire

How Could Your Business Benefit from Lift Repair in Hertfordshire?

The best feedback we ever receive on our lift installations is when employees say “I can’t imagine how we managed before it was put in!” Our goal is always to provide smooth and reliable vertical transport that enhances access, improves productivity, and provides a sense of welcome and well-being for visitors and employees alike. The downside of creating an essential service, however, is the fact that everyone notices immediately if the lift is out of service…

Most successful businesses recognise that a fully operating lift is one of the top priorities for any organisation requiring access to multiple floors. Our Hertfordshire lift repair team work regularly across the county and here are three reasons why their services are so highly sought after:

Lift Repair Hertfordshire

Broken lifts damage consumer confidence – Shopping can be stressful for mothers with small children, busy shoppers on a deadline, or older shoppers weighed down with bags. As a business-owner you want to give your customers the very best experience when visiting your premises, and that means putting yourself in the shoes of shoppers for whom stairs are an impediment, or obstacle. A carefully designed lift, with a clean and stylish cabin which provides space for all kinds of users as well as smooth and reliable transport, can transform a customer’s experience, and create loyalty which last for years. A broken lift, or one which appears to be unreliable or on the brink of breaking down, can and will have the opposite effect!

Broken lifts affect workplace productivity – Though you may see your lift as a nonessential part of your business, little things like broken lifts can put a strain on your staff’s ability to be productive. Staircases are a useful way of getting between floors, but they simply can’t match the speed and efficiency that an elevator brings to your building. More time spent trudging up and down staircases means less time working, and therefore lower productivity. A poorly maintained lift can also make a poor impression on visiting clients, or prospective employees arriving for their interview – try looking at your work environment through the eyes of visitors; you can sometimes be shocked by what you see.

Broken lifts affect disabled access – Most importantly of all, without functional lifts your business becomes a much less accessible space for disabled people. As owners of businesses and buildings, we have a responsibility to ensure equal access and movement to every floor and space in our business. By not keeping up to your elevator repairs, you make it much harder for disabled staff, customers and others who might need to visit your business.

If your lift is in working order but you are concerned about disability access for customers and employees, our lift installation team are thoroughly trained in current DDA legislation and can give you detailed advice and support on a range of enhancements you could make to improve your access arrangements.

So, what’s still holding you back? Book a consultation today and get those lifts back to full functionality.

If you have a lift installed in Hertfordshire or elsewhere which requires maintenance or servicing, we have a team of experts ready and willing to keep your lift working safely and efficiently


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