Regular Lift Refurbishment is Essential to Passenger Confidence

Lifts have brought us huge benefits over the past two centuries, but for many people the experience of having been ‘trapped’ in a lift between floors, even for a short period of time, is enough to make them wary of stepping into the confined space of the cabin, and putting their faith in the hydraulics that drive the passenger car. At Tower Lifts we understand the fear that can set in when passengers have had a bad experience, and there are several ‘danger’ signals they will be on the look-out for when using lifts subsequently.

Lift Refurbishment Instils Confidence

However sleek and contemporary your lift may look when first installed, constant usage takes its toll. A shabby, poorly-kept lift is enough to signal concern for passengers. At Tower Lifts we advise clients that the facias, floors, ceilings, and control panel of the cabin need to be clean and bright, the lights need to be fully functioning, and the design needs to look contemporary in order to maintain passenger confidence. A professional lift upgrade can breathe new life into a building, and provide a great first impression for visitors without it needing to cost a fortune.

If you have a lift installed which requires maintenance or repairs, we have a team of experts ready and willing to keep your lift working safely and efficiently


Lift Servicing and Maintenance

Whilst lift refurbishment could be thought of as the ‘window dressing’, lift maintenance and servicing is essential if those initial impressions are to be maintained. Creaks, groans, and judders will give the game away to passengers, however impressive the surfaces appear. With regular lift servicing and maintenance, the passenger experience can be guaranteed to be smooth, efficient, and – most important – reliable. Our lift maintenance engineers will always inform clients of potential repairs that will need scheduling, and this can be planned for quiet periods, ensuring that passengers are inconvenienced as little as possible.

Lift Repairs

At Tower Lifts we will always treat lift repairs as a priority, and we will make every effort to have the lift up and running safely as soon as possible. We know that lifts can break down unexpectedly, but in the majority of cases, regular lift maintenance could have picked up the problem way before it became a source of anxiety and inconvenience for passengers. We offer a range of packages providing lift servicing, lift maintenance, scheduling of future works, and lift refurbishment on a regular basis. Clients tell us they sleep easier knowing we’re on the case, and we sleep easier knowing that the lifts we maintain and service will offer a great passenger experience, day in, day out.

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