Businesses Booming with Lift Refurbishment in Buckinghamshire

At the heart of Buckinghamshire sits the busy commercial centre of Milton Keynes and the Tower Lifts design and installation team are constant visitors to this area. Whilst we experience regular demand for lift installation, much of our work is for lift modernisation or refurbishment. Businesses are always on the move in Milton Keynes and a number of business owners have told us that one of the signs that business is booming is a lift upgrade; employees use the lift every day, so if their transport experience improves, morale shoots up and there’s a real sense of progress and success.

Duplex Lifts Offer State-of-the-Art Transportation for Office Workers in Milton Keynes

Tower Lifts recently installed two passenger lifts in Medina House offices, located in the business district of Milton Keynes. Our client wanted a modern duplex system in which each lift which would be capable of carrying eight passengers over the four floors of the building. This state-of-the-art addition to the office complex looks great, provides reliable vertical transportation, and has delivered an aesthetic and practical lift refurbishment which will attract high-end clients and guarantee full access for all visitors to the building.

Tower Lifts Can Advise on Lift Refurbishment in Buckinghamshire

Lift Refurbishment Buckinghamshire

There are all kinds of reasons why businesses might be considering lift upgrades in Buckinghamshire; we spend a good deal of time talking to business owners about ways in which their lift systems can be modernised or enhanced without over-extending their budget. Often it’s important to ascertain what our client is looking for in a lift upgrade:

  • Improved transportation experience – elimination of judders and rumbles.
  • Improved transport appearance – modernising original fixtures and fittings.
  • Enhanced reliability – reducing repair requirements.
  • Improved safety features – peace of mind regarding the safety of the lift for passengers.

Once we know the nature of the client’s concerns, our lift refurbishment team can start to diagnose the condition of the lift as it stands, and make suggestions regarding potential lift refurbishment or modernisation. Many of our clients who have contacted us about lift modernisation in Buckinghamshire have been pleasantly surprised by the improvements they can achieve, even on a fairly limited budget, and our customer feedback registers their satisfaction at the very tangible results lift refurbishment can deliver.

If you have a lift installed which requires maintenance or repairs, we have a team of experts ready and willing to keep your lift working safely and efficiently


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