Lift Refurbishment for Manchester is Part of the City’s Reinvention

Tower Lifts have been working a good deal in Manchester over the past two decades from fitting a screw driven platform lift in salford all the way through to a recent install for a 5 stop passenger lift located in the heart of Manchester, and we’ve been delighted to see this magnificent city reinventing itself for the 21st century. The heavy Victorian architecture which one dominated the city, has undergone a makeover and now sits side by side with iconic buildings such as the CIS Tower and Beetham Tower. One of Manchester’s most inspiring regeneration projects has been the Victoria Baths; only 14 years ago it was a ruin under threat of demolition, now it’s a stunningly beautiful heritage site, beloved by visitors and supported by its local community.

Lift Refurbishment for Manchester Keeps a Link to the Past

Manchester has been careful to strike a fine balance between innovation and restoration, in order to maintain the steady heartbeat of the city. When installing lifts the same argument holds true; it’s always tempting to replace the old with the new, especially if an old lift has been neglected for years, but a lift refurbishment can be a rewarding, and exciting process which draws attention and builds expectation in the way an old-fashioned lift fails to do.

What Does a Lift refurbishment Company Do?

Lift Upgrade in EssexAs an experienced Manchester lift refurbishment company, Tower Lifts has worked on lifts from both the near, and distant past. When faced with a lift in need of care and attention, there are three main phases to the process:

Phase One – thorough assessment of the lift mechanism and diagnostic report. At this stage, we have a detailed discussion with clients about the work involved in restoring the lift to full health and safety compliance, premium performance for passengers, whilst making it an eye-catching addition to the building.

Phase Two – often a lift refurbishment for Manchester will be planned in phases, beginning with maintenance and repairs. Where necessary we will carry out lift modernisation in Manchester in order to guarantee compliance with the most recent Health & Safety, and DDA regulations.

Phase Three – involves lift refurbishment in order to restore the elegance and lustre to the vertical transport. Sometimes this involves an enhancement of the original features, although more often, clients want a mixture of contemporary sheen with heritage counterpoint.

Tower Lifts are experts at refurbishing lifts, so if you are in need of a lift refurbishment for Manchester, we have a team of experts ready and willing to keep your lift working safely and efficiently


Lift Refurbishment for Manchester Brings Building to Life

Refurbishing a lift that has fallen into decline does more than just provide efficient travel between floors. Lifts are iconic modes of travel, thanks to their representation in films and TV series. A refurbished lift is like a new bag, or a new pair of shoes; it makes the journey feel different, which lends the day a new complexion, which can lead to new opportunities and perspectives.

If you have a lift that could benefit from modernisation in Manchester & surrounding areas including Salford, Oldham, Stockport, Ashton-under-Lyne & more. Ask one of our skilled and experienced lift engineers to take a look.

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