Lift Maintenance Services

Lift Maintenance Services

In the UK, we’ve learnt to let our vertical transport do the heavy lifting for us over the past few decades. From meals for diners, to large machinery and cars, to people in office buildings, hotels, leisure facilities and domestic environments. They’re so much a part of our day-to-day life that maintaining them is absolutely critical to safeguarding both people and businesses.

Many of the clients Tower Lifts work with want to ensure the safety of passengers as a priority. But they’re also aware of the impact that a poorly maintained lift can have on their brand identity. Lifts that creak, judder or have a reputation for breaking down quickly become unpopular. And passengers will make their own assumptions about the quality of customer service, or employee care!

Regulations Governing Lift Maintenance Services

Property owners, building managers and property management companies have a number of regulatory bodies to negotiate when scheduling their lift maintenance:

The complexity of the terrain means that in the majority of cases lift maintenance is contracted out to a company offering specialist lift maintenance services.

What Are Lift Maintenance Services?

The primary goal of lift maintenance is to ensure that the machinery is safe for passengers to use. Beyond that, preventive maintenance reduces the risk of lift breakdown, and ensures a high quality performance. Lift maintenance services also covers the look of the lift, and consideration of upgrades, modernisation and refurbishment.

1. Basic Lift Maintenance – Normally Required Every 6 Months

  • Hydraulics
  • Safety Gears
  • Suspension Ropes & Chains
  • Main Drive System
  • Braking Systems
  • Landing Doors, Cabin Doors, Interlocks
  • Electrics
  • Overload Detection

2. Lift Maintenance (Passenger) – Aesthetics

This is especially important for older lifts that may be looking shabby and unkempt. Maintenance focuses on the passenger cabin, but also extends to lift doors, their surround, and landing areas. Key areas for maintenance are: lighting, control panel, floor, ceiling, wall panels. If the décor is looking tired it’s a relatively simple process to refurbish, and this can have a huge impact on passenger use.

3. Platform Lift (Wheelchair Lift) Maintenance

If your building has a platform lift installed, or a passenger lift which provide access to people using wheelchair, it will need regular maintenance. As with all maintenance, safety is the first priority. Checks will also ensure that lifts are up-to-date with the latest DDA compliance regulations, and where upgrades are available, or appropriate, they’ll be recommended.

Tower Lifts Offers Tailored Maintenance Schedules

Lift maintenance and repairs are not ‘standard’. Every company will have slightly different requirements, which is why we tailor our maintenance schedules. Tower Lifts engineers would always recommend including emergency repairs as part of any schedule. This guarantees that if you experience a problem with your lift, you’ll get a rapid, skilled response 24/7.

Tower Lifts is a leading provider of lift maintenance services across the UK. Call us to discuss a tailored maintenance schedule – 01525 601099

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