Lift Maintenance Contracts

If you own or manage a lift used by employees or members of the public you’re legally required to have it regularly serviced. Newly installed lifts will have a warranty that covers servicing. Once it runs out you’ll have the choice of either renewing, or finding another provider. Most companies offering lift maintenance now provide levels of maintenance cover. At Tower Lifts, we treat each business as a unique client for whom a tailored maintenance contract is required.

Why are Lift Maintenance Contracts Required?

There are two key reasons for investing in a maintenance contract tailored to your business requirements:

  1. Legal Requirements. Anyone managing a workplace lift is subject to LOLER and PUWER Health & Safety regulations. In order to comply there’s a legal requirement to contract regular servicing from professional lift engineers. You are also required to provide reporting on maintenance checks.
  2. Preventative Maintenance. Regular lift maintenance and servicing will minimise the risks of lift breakdown and costly repairs. It also provides peace of mind as far a passenger safety is concerned. For older lifts, a regular maintenance schedule allows for advance planning on component replacements, upgrades and refurbishments.

What is a Tailored Lift Maintenance Contract?

The Tower Lifts engineers will always visit a business before creating a tailored lift maintenance contract. It’s important that we understand how a lift is utilised by the business, where it’s located, the age and model, and its service history, before we can make recommendations. A rarely used goods lift will obviously require a different contract to a busy passenger lift which is also used by employees.

Our contracts will normally include:

  • Service Visits. These will be scheduled regularly; the number of visits will depend on lift age and usage. Each visit will incorporate safety checks, lubrication, adjustment of components to achieve optimum performance.
  • Reports. These are generated by the service visits. They include a report of the lift’s status, notice of any running repairs, and recommendations for upgrades or refurbishment where appropriate.
  • Call Outs. One of the advantages of having a maintenance contract is that you can call out a lift engineer should you have concern over the lift’s performance. If your lift breaks down, we are available 24/7 to attends, and make immediate repairs if possible.

Do you require a lift maintenance contract? Call the Tower Lifts lift team today on 01525 601099 for more information.

Risk Assessing Your Tailored Lift Contract

Our skilled and experienced lift engineers will be able to talk you through the options available as part of your lift maintenance contract. If your lift is fairly new, you may prefer to be charged for unscheduled call outs rather than include them. In some cases businesses prefer to hand over responsibility for budgetary management of materials and repairs within a pre-agreed limit.

An Experienced Lift Maintenance Company

Aside from agreeing the specific components to be included in your lift maintenance contract, our engineers will also agree procedures. Access, lines of reporting and how visits are booked in, are all pre-agreed so that maintenance checks quickly become ‘business as usual’ for clients

Is your lift warranty about to expire? Are you looking for a tailored lift maintenance contract? Call Tower Lifts today to find out how we can support you – 01525 601099

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