Lift Maintenance Company

Tower Lift engineers are always delighted to arrive at the moment of handover with a client. It’s normally the outcome of a good deal of hard work on both sides, and a good looking, high performance lift is always a cause for celebration – but it’s just the start. Once the champagne’s been popped and the lift has become part of the daily routine, regular lift maintenance is critical to passenger safety and lift reliability.

Regular Lift Maintenance

The regulatory body PUWAR (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998) requires lift owners and managers to keep lifts provided for residents or employees to be regularly maintained and kept in good working order. The maintenance needs to be thorough, in compliance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, and carried out by a trained lift engineer.

Maintenance Saves Money on Repairs

We have a dedicated repair team at Tower Lifts, and much of their time is spent answering emergency calls for lifts that have no maintenance plan in place. We’ll always be available to provide repairs in a crisis, but annual maintenance minimises the risk of lift breakdown, and is far more cost-effective than the call-out rates on emergency repair services.

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What Does Lift Maintenance Include?

Thorough lift maintenance checks aim to keep the lift running at peak performance, make repairs where necessary, and ensure that it complies with health and safety standards. The check, which tends to be carried out annually, includes:

Passenger Cabin – broken call button lights are replaced and the operation panel is tested. The condition of the interior is noted and the door panels and clearance are tested. Acceleration and deceleration is checked and firefighter lift controls are examined for compliance.

Top of the Cabin – any accumulated debris is removed and signs of vandalism or rodents are investigated. Cabling is inspected, and the cabin top inspection station is tested. The door operator and components are carefully checked, and the guide rails, rollers and levelling devices are inspected.

Pit Maintenance – the lift engineer will check the GFI outlet and inspect the lift cable, noting and signs of wear. The sump pump will be cleaned and checked, and the spring buffers will be visually inspected for corrosion. The guide rails, rollers and levelling devices will be thoroughly inspected.

Planning Ahead With Lift Maintenance

There are many advantages to regular lift maintenance, not least the forward planning it makes possible. The Tower Lifts maintenance engineers will make any running repairs during their checks, and at the end of the process they’ll provide a detailed report. This will draw attention to any repairs that will need to be carried out over the next year, giving the lift manager the opportunity to budget and plan for it.

Lift Maintenance Packages

Lift maintenance isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ service. When determining the level of maintenance required we take into account the level of usage, the numbers of people using the lift and whether or not it’s an emergency evacuation lift. Then we create a bespoke package that meets your unique lift maintenance requirements.

Lift maintenance is too important to put off. Call us today to talk about putting a bespoke maintenance package in place for your lift.

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