Lift Maintenance Checklist

Our Tower Lifts installation team will always tell customers that installing a new lift is just the first step; regular maintenance and servicing is essential to ensure great performance for passengers, legal compliance and – most important – peace of mind that your lift is operating at optimum efficiency and safety.

What Does a Lift Maintenance Engineer Do?

The regular maintenance checks our lift engineers carry out combine detailed inspections of the interior and exterior of the passenger cabin, and checks on the machine room, the shaft and the pit.

All our skilled maintenance engineers have extensive experience in ensuring the ongoing safety of lift installations, but they all work to a standard checklist which acts as their guide:

Passenger Cabin Lift Maintenance

  • Check and replace exterior call button lights,
  • Check lift door panels and clearance,
  • Check on the firefighter lift controls,
  • Operate the lift to check for smooth and accurate acceleration, deceleration and levelling,
  • Inspect lift door to ensure that it doesn’t slam or bounce when closing, and that the door restrictor works effectively,
  • Check position indicators and replace burnt out lights,
  • Examine the cabin interior for damage or wear and tear to ceiling, handrail, floor, and walls.

Once the passenger cabin maintenance check is complete, our Tower Lifts engineer will make any immediate repairs or enhancements. If more extensive repairs are required, these will be detailed on the report and scheduled.

Do you require a lift maintenance company? Get in touch with the Tower Lifts lift maintenance and servicing team today on 01525 601099 to find out more on our lift services.

Top of the Cabin

  • Remove any debris that has accumulated on the top of the cabin,
  • Examine the lift shaft for any evidence of vandalism, and rodents or pests,
  • Inspect the stop switch and the cabin top inspection station,
  • Check the cabling for wear and tear, and examine all connections,
  • Inspect the door operator and all components connected to it,
  • Check the guide rails, rollers and levelling devices.

Tower Lifts engineers will always clear any accumulated debris that might be a safety hazard, and ensure that all working components are clean, lubricated and free from dirt.

Machine Room Lift Maintenance

  • Ensure that the machine room is clean and clear any inappropriate materials,
  • Inspect all components for any evidence of wear, unexpected vibration, or leakage,
  • Check all electrical components for signs of failiure, wear and tear, or overheating,
  • Oil level check,
  • Carry out component lubrication where, and if necessary.

Our Tower Lifts engineers will always repair faulty machine room components immediately where possible. Their report will make recommendations as to any follow-on repairs that should treated as a priority, and more long term component replacements or lift upgrades.

Pit Lift Maintenance

  • Check GFI outlet, stop switch and lights are working,
  • Inspect the lift cable for any snags or signs of wear,
  • Examine condition of guide rails, rollers, and switches,
  • Check sump pump operation and clean,
  • Inspect spring buffers are securely attached. Check for correct alignment, signs of corrosion.

If any components are showing wear and tear, the Tower Lifts engineer will flag up a concerns, and schedule remedial action at an appropriate time.

Peace of Mind With Regular Lift Maintenance

A faulty lift can be a financial drain on your business – especially if you need emergency repairs – and lifts that aren’t serviced regularly are a safety hazard for passengers. Tower Lifts provides a range of maintenance and servicing packages, guaranteeing the highest standards of care and safety for your business and your passengers.

If looking for an accurate and reliable quotation, get in touch to organise an obligation-free consultation and inspection of your premises.

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