Lift Installers Northamptonshire

Lift Installers Northamptonshire

Northamptonshire businesses have been a major success for the British economy over the past 5 years. Back in 2015 the top 100 companies in the region ‘outperformed the UK economy’, and at the end of 2019 they were describing growth as ‘stable and strong’. 2020 has been a challenge for Northampton’s many businesses but, having worked with many of them in the past, we have no doubt that they will find a way through the current pandemic.

As leading lift installers in Northamptonshire, Tower Lifts knows the county well. Over the past two decades we’ve worked across a range of sectors, designing, installing and servicing lifts. Our passenger lifts, goods lifts and platform lifts can be found in shops, offices, private homes, warehouses and hotels.

A Northamptonshire Lift Company

Throughout the county we’ve built a reputation for installing lifts that combine style, high performance and passenger safety. We are hugely proud of Northamptonshire’s recognition of our work, and we’ll continue to maintain our standards and our professionalism. All our engineers have UKAS and ISO9001:2015 Lift Cert accreditation, so you’re guaranteed to get the very best in lift design and installation from them.

Tower Lifts are Bespoke Lift Installers

Very few of the installations we’ve carried out in Northamptonshire have been ‘standard’. Often there insufficient space for a lift shaft, or our clients have specific requirements that require customisation. At Tower Lifts we specialise in bespoke lift design because our goal is always to create a lift which matches the specific requirements of its operating environment.

How is a Bespoke Lift Designed?

Whatever kind of lift you want, Tower Lifts designers always start the process in the same way. We gather the information we need in order to understand your operating environment. This involves discussions about the function the lift will fulfil, the volume it will carry, its location within the building and any security or safety features that are specifically required.

Should we discover any architectural challenges to your plans, our designers will present solutions to overcome them. In all the years that we’ve been providing bespoke lifts, we’ve never yet encountered an unsurmountable problem! Once we’ve gathered the information we need, plans are drawn up and they are then handed over to our installation engineers.

Design Modification for Bespoke Lifts

The goal of the Tower Lifts team is to create the ideal lift for a business, or residential environment. It needs, therefore, to match our clients’ expectations which also delivering a great performance, longevity and safety. We are able to modify any of the following as part of a bespoke lift design:

  • Lift Mechanism & Performance. Once Tower Lifts engineers complete their assessment of the operating conditions, they will recommend either hydraulic, traction or pneumatic lift mechanisms to meet you needs.
  • Passenger Lift Sizes. Over the years our lift installers in Northamptonshire have worked with one person lifts, and lifts for up to 40 passengers.
  • Lift Security. If you need to make security a priority we can install alarms, card readers, biometric scanners, sensors, keypads or CCTV.
  • Accessibility. Tower Lifts engineers can advise clients on DDA and Equality compliance. We will ensure that your lift meets all the appropriate access standards.
  • Passenger Cabin Design. The design of your passenger cabin can be matched seamlessly to the design of your building, or home aesthetic.

Working With Tower Lifts

In addition to being lift installers, we also offer tailored maintenance contracts and lift repairs in Northampton and the county as a whole. Tower Lifts is a ‘full service’ lift company in that we’re able to provide everything you need to deliver high quality vertical transport to your clients and employees.

Would you like more information about our lift installers in Northamptonshire? Call the Tower Lifts team today to speak to a specialist – 01525 601099

Tower Lifts carry out design and installation on a varied range of lifts throughout the UK including:

Domestic Lifts • Food Lifts • Bespoke Platform Lifts • Service Lifts • Platform Lifts • Goods Lifts • Scenic Lifts • Heavy Duty / Car Lifts • Passenger Lifts • Dumbwaiter Lifts • MRL Lifts • Fire lifts • Residential Lifts • low-Headroom Lift