Lift Installers in Stevenage

Hertfordshire is well-worn territory for Tower Lifts engineers and installers; this county sitting at the northern edge of London is enjoying a period of rapid growth with the development of high tech industry across the region. Stevenage, nestled at the heart of the county, is something of a pioneer in the area; in 1946 it was designated as the UK’s first ‘New Town’ and in 1959 the town was the first in Britain to celebrate the retail boom by closing their High Street to traffic and creating a pedestrianized shopping area. As Stevenage moved into the 21st century its growth area moved with it and the most rapidly expanding area of town is now the high tech industrial park which houses giants of the pharmaceuticals, aeronautic and life-sciences led by technology and innovation. Our reputation as a first-call lift company for Stevenage has grown with the town and we’re proud to be a part of its extraordinary history.

A 21st Century Lift Company for Stevenage

As towns grow their population and prestige, so the need for a lift infrastructure increases exponentially. 21st century technology has enhanced access at its heart and our designers have been working with clients in Stevenage across retail, industry, public sector and residential developments to ensure that access to work, school, home and leisure is available to the vast majority of the population regardless of age or disability. Our state-of-the-art technology ensures that our lift design and installation provides 21st century vertical transport solutions.

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Lift Installation Process in Stevenage

Our lift installation process always begins with us listening to our clients carefully in order to be sure that we understand their needs. Our Hertfordshire lift team  have the experience to know that every job is unique, and presents its own specific challenges. All our high quality lifts can be customised or adapted, and a good number of our lift installations are bespoke, having been designed from scratch. Once we are happy that the client’s needs have been met by the design, our installers will work to draw up a schedule which is sensitive to both the operating environment and the need to meet deadlines. We consider our work complete only when the lift has been checked, tested and approved.

Tower Lifts – Lift Installers in Stevenage; Lift Repair

As regular visitors to Stevenage we estimate that a good percentage of the calls we receive are for lift repairs, many of which involve lifts installed by companies other than Tower Lifts. We are committed to maintaining a reliable and efficient operating service for lift passengers which is why we provide a lift repair service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once we have a lift repaired and running as normal, our engineers will always recommend that clients consider one of our maintenance packages which include the provision of emergency repairs. A lift installation is a complex and sophisticated process in which the lift requires regular servicing in order to provide a high quality of service to its users – Tower Lifts are committed to providing nothing short of this.

If you have a lift installed in Stevenage, Hertfordshire or elsewhere which requires repair, maintenance or servicing, we have a team of experts ready and willing to keep your lift working safely and efficiently


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