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The vibrant and eclectic 21st century city of Manchester is a far cry from its more sombre 19th century forebear. Over the past few decades Manchester has shrugged off its reputation for being the ‘birthplace of the British Industrial Revolution’ by embracing a culture of youthful energy, business acumen, and customer facing services. The city centre now bustles with restaurants, famous brands, hotels, and leisure facilities, making it a premier destination for both visitors from across the globe, and start-up companies wanting to take advantage of the ‘Manchester buzz’ which makes things happen!

Tower Lifts are delighted to have been part of the highly successful transformation the city has undergone. Over the past fifteen years we have worked as preferred lift installers in Manchester with a steadily growing client base, installing lifts across the domestic, commercial, retail and business sectors. At Tower Lifts we mark our success by the number of word-of-mouth recommendations we receive; in Manchester we have seen our reputation evolve with the city, which makes us feel like honourary citizens in a city we have grown to love.

Lift Installation Services in Manchester


Lift Installing in ManchesterProviding reliable and efficient vertical transportation as a component in the engine of a developing city comes in many guises. The iconic projects tend to snatch the limelight, but a contemporary city comprises a dense weave of mobility and access requirement which need to be met if it is to maintain its momentum: 

Passenger Lifts – as a trusted lift company for Manchester we have provided bespoke passenger lifts in a range of locations around the city including hotels, retail outlets, apartment buildings, public sector buildings, heritage sites, offices and warehouses. Our lift installation services in Manchester always start with a detail analysis of the specific requirements of the client, and the service users. We never treat any job as ‘standard’ and the years of experience our designers and installers bring to projects ensures professional excellence as a result.

Dumb-Waiter Lifts – the elegant simplicity and efficiency of our dumb-waiter lift installations in Manchester is making them ever more popular as a means of transporting food, retail goods, or light machinery from one location to another without having to take staff away from their all-important customer-facing roles. We recently installed a bespoke inclined hidden dumb waiter for the San Carlo Fumo Restaurant in Manchester’s city centre. The lift was cleverly designed to integrate into the floor at the base of a flight of stairs until required; once activated it provided a fast and efficient mode of delivery from the kitchen to the dining area.

Disabled Access – improving access for disabled users with our range of platform lifts which are easy to install, have limited spatial requirements, and integrate state-of-the art safety features, remain a top priority for Tower Lifts, and for many of our clients. We have installed bespoke platform lifts in schools, libraries, shopping centres, and hotels, helping people with mobility issues to access the full range of the city’s amenities.

Tower Lifts – a 21st Century Company for Manchester

At Tower Lifts we pride ourselves on providing elegant and efficient bespoke solutions for every challenge that comes our way. We are excited to be the preferred choice of lift installer in Manchester and we look forward to working with clients across the city as it continues its transformational journey.

At Tower Lifts we offer a wide range of different types of lift available throughout Manchester and the rest of the UK including:

Domestic Lifts Food Lifts Service Lifts Step Lifts Goods Lifts Scenic LiftsHeavy Duty / Car LiftsLow Pit / Pitless LiftsPassenger LiftsDumbwaiter LiftsMRL Lifts Fire Evac liftsResidential Lifts Bespoke Platform Lifts