Lift Installers in London

Whilst many of us will use lifts in public buildings such as shopping centres, car-parks, theatres or hotels, it’s rare that we consider the life-changing effect a lift can have when it’s installed within the domestic space. As lift installers in London we find that there is a growing demand for bespoke home elevators that enable wheelchair users, or people with a mobility disability, to continue to enjoy full access to their homes despite their difficulty in managing stairways between floors.

Tower Lift Installations in London Offer Mobility Solutions

We offer a range of residential lifts which acknowledge that vertical transport in the home needs to meet the following criteria:

  • Provide appropriate access for all users.
  • Integrate into the décor and style of its surroundings.
  • Adapt to the architectural environment.
  • Offer reliable and efficient transport – day-in, day-out.

When we talk to clients about home elevators in London we will try to ensure that these criteria are met at the design stage before we move on to the manufacturing and installation of your lift. We pride ourselves on providing expert advice and consultation from your initial meeting, through to completion – which is maybe why Tower Lifts are so often the preferred choice as lift installers in London.

Lift Replacement in London

We find that much of the home elevator work we undertake involves a lift replacement in London. The capital is full of apartment blocks and multi-storey houses which have had beautiful lifts installed at the time of the original build. Whether clients are looking to install a new lift, or refurbish the original, we are painstaking in our assessment of the lift environment, the potential usage of the lift, and the regularity of traffic its installation will attract. Whilst the safety and accessibility of the home elevator’s passengers will always be our primary consideration, we will also pay careful attention to the look and style of the lift we install, in order to ensure that the new addition will be entirely in sympathy with its surroundings.

Lift Installers in London – with a Maintenance Plan!

Lift Installers in London

A building with a reliable home elevator is a blessing indeed – until it breaks down! For passengers who rely on vertical transport, losing access to a lift means losing access to their homes. We strongly recommend that all our clients installing home elevators invest in our maintenance and service plan which offers ongoing peace of mind and – should the lift break down – a speedy response from our team of repair engineers.

If you have a home lift installed which requires maintenance or servicing, we have a team of experts ready and willing to keep your lift working safely and efficiently


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In addition to Home Elevators, we also supply and install a varied range lifts throughout the UK including:

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