Lift Installers in Buckinghamshire

Buckinghamshire is a rich mix of prosperous county towns, sumptuous villages and commuter belt developments. As long term lift installers in Buckinghamshire, our work divides between passenger lifts for hotels, businesses and leisure facilities in the towns, and a growing number of residential lifts across the villages and more densely populated areas. Platform lifts continue to be in high demand across all sectors, but particularly in retail, heritage, leisure and commercial.

A Buckinghamshire Lift Company

Throughout Buckinghamshire Tower Lifts has built a reputation for lift installations that combine passenger safety, style, durability and high performance. We’re hugely proud of our standing as trusted providers in the county, and renew our promise of excellence on every job. Our engineers are UKAS and ISO9001:2015 Lift Cert accredited, guaranteeing the very best in lift installation and design.

Passenger Lift Installers

Our goal is always to create the very best passenger lift for a residential, or business environment. Often this means adding bespoke elements to passenger lift design. The need arises when we encounter architectural challenges, or the design is required to match exactly the surrounding aesthetic.

Tower Lifts designers have been creating bespoke designs for nearly two decades now. We can customise virtually any element of a passenger lift in order to meet clients’ requirements. Whether it’s lift size, operating mechanism, passenger cabin features or security, we can create a lift that meets the needs of your household, or business operations.

Platform Lift Installers in Buckinghamshire

A platform lift provides access for people with limited mobility or wheelchair users. They are flexible, easy to install, and can be customised to fit in with the surrounding environment. Inclined platform lifts provide access via staircases and will follow the contours whether straight or curved. Step lifts overcome the challenge of split level flooring, or short flights of steps. And vertical platform lifts provide a traditional cabin-based mode of access.

The flexibility of the platform lift technology, requiring no lift shaft to operate, means that standard lift models are often adequate to the environment. Where clients want a more personalised approach to installation, however, we provide bespoke platform lifts. These can be integrated into stairways, or seamlessly matched to the surrounding environment, rendering them invisible when not active.

Goods Lifts for Homes, Garages and Industry

The goods lift is the unsung hero of the lift family. It’s largely invisible to consumers but the work it does greatly improves the service we receive. Residential dumbwaiters are increasingly popular as a great way to move shopping, washing or heavy items between floors. Our goods lifts are a constant presence in Buckinghamshire retail, restaurants and logistics. And our heavy duty car lift can be found in garages and MOT centres.

Working With Tower Lifts

Once your lift is installed, Tower Lifts continues to add value for Buckinghamshire clients by providing tailored maintenance and emergency repairs. We are a ‘full service’ lift company, which means that we offer comprehensive packages allowing you to enjoy vertical transport in your home, or provide service excellence at work.

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