Lift Installations Across Britain

At Tower Lifts we often talk to clients about the experience we’ve amassed over fifteen years of providing high quality design and installation of lift transport for clients within an ever expanding geographical radius. We operate from Ampthill, a small semi rural town located midway between Bedford and Luton, and our earliest clients came from Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire. Over the past decade we have been delighted to experience a rapid growth in our reputation for lift design and installation in London and Greater London, reaching out to Birmingham, Nottingham and Manchester in the north, and Sussex in the south.

Tower Lifts Treats Each Lift Installation as Unique

One of the reasons our business has grown so rapidly may be to do with the fact that we treat each lift installation as unique, and we share the journey from design, through manufacture and installation, to final handover, with our clients. At Tower Lifts there’s no such thing as a ‘standard’ job – which is why we are now proud to demonstrate our varied and diverse bespoke lift installations in museums, libraries, opera houses, restaurants, domestic residencies, hospitals, car parks, shopping malls, hotels and heritage properties.

Tower Lifts Adapt the Lift to Its Surroundings

One major ingredient in our recipe for success has been our willingness and skill in adapting the lifts we offer to the operating environments in which they are to be located. Our passenger lifts, dumbwaiters, platform lifts and car lifts are carefully designed to operate effectively, provide an efficient service to all lift passengers whatever their needs, and integrate seamlessly with their surroundings. Where height or depth restrictions apply, our designers have found creative solutions utilising our range of reduced pit and headroom lifts.

Lift Installation Across Britain UK

We Provide Lift Upgrades and Modernisation

Not all our projects involve design and installation; we have also worked on a broad range of lift upgrades and modernisation to existing lifts. In some cases a lift has become part of the loved fabric of a building but requires a thorough overhaul in order to ensure efficiency and adherence to current health and safety regulations; in other cases an lift upgrade is considered the most economically efficient way forward and our engineers offer detailed advice and options in these circumstances.

If you have a lift installed which requires repairs or maintainence, we have a team of dedicated experts ready to keep your lift working safely and efficiently


Tower Lifts Offers a Comprehensive Range of  Lift Maintenance Solutions

Our aim has always been to be the number one choice for all your lift requirements, and our services reach beyond the installation to a comprehensive lift maintenance and servicing package. Once a lift has been installed it quickly becomes part of the ‘heartbeat’ of the life of a building and lift passengers come to depend on it; our servicing, maintenance and repair package ensures that lifts remain as efficient and reliable as the day they were installed.

Our skilled and highly professional team of designers, engineers and installers welcome the challenges our clients continue to offer us on a daily basis, and we’re proud to provide them with a unique lift installation service.

If you would like to learn more about our lifts and the services we can offer, please contact us today on 01525 601099 or by email:

Tower Lifts supply and fit a varied range lifts and conveyor systems, throughout the UK including:

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