Lift Installation in London

Large cities are characterised by the premium placed upon space, and London has responded over the past two centuries by providing soaring towers and multi-floor residencies for its inhabitants. The built environment has given our capital city its unique character, but it has also created the need for vertical transportation as an essential service. As a leading provider of residential elevators, we have developed an enviable expertise in responding to the needs of clients who are either seeking to refurbish or install home lifts in London – and we understand how vitally important this service is to people living and working in the capital.

Home Lifts in London Meet the Needs of 21st Century Residents

Lift Installation in London

At one time, only the wealthiest households could consider the installation of residential elevators. Over the course of the past century, however, large town houses have given way to residential apartment blocks requiring access to all floors. Our social attitudes have also changed and we have now enshrined in legislation the rights of all citizens to have safe and reliable access to public and living spaces. Tower Lifts meets the needs of 21st century residents by offering a broad range of solutions for home lifts in London which take cognisance of:

  • Current health and safety regulations.
  • Disability Discrimination Act standards. (see more)
  • The need for home lifts to adapt to distinct architectural requirements.
  • The importance of reliability and comfort for passengers.
  • The lift as a stylistic enhancement to the operating environment.

Carefully Designed Lift Installation in London

The needs of the contemporary user of residential elevators are many and varied, which is why Tower Lifts treats each lift installation in London as a unique collaborative project with their client. The process will always begin with a detailed discussion of the architectural, technical and passenger requirements during which our expert lift designers and installers can offer expert advice drawn from years of experience. We promise to provide clients with a range of options, taking into account the budget available, and seek to find the best solution for the operating environment presented.

A Range of Choices for Lift Installation in London

No two lift installations are the same, and our recognition of this fact has been one of the factors that has built our reputation as a leading provider of home lifts in London. Whether your property has an existing lift that needs care and attention in order to restore it to its former glory, or you are a property developer looking to install state-of-the-art residential elevators, we will match our expertise and experience to your specific needs.

If you have a lift installed which requires maintenance or servicing, we have a team of experts ready and willing to keep your lift working safely and efficiently


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