Lift Installation for Northwick Park Hospital

Tower Lifts is delighted to be working with London North West Healthcare NHS Trust on the installation of a 1-tonne duplex lift at Northwick Park Hospital in Harrow. The lift has been designed to carry goods or passengers, and it needs to be robust enough to maintain peak performance despite high usage and diverse carriage requirements. The Northwick passenger lift installation will be scheduled to create the minimum disruption for patients and staff at this busy hospital employing over 8,000 staff and serving a diverse population of around 850,000.

Historical Lift Installation for Northwick Park Hospital

The installation team at Tower Lifts is always delighted to be providing enhanced vertical transport for buildings used extensively by the public, but they are particularly delighted to be working in this particular location. Why? Because Northwick Park Hospital houses one of the most famous lifts in the capital. The Northwick paternoster lift is the last surviving working model in London. This design is increasingly rare, due to health and safety concerns, and it comprises a non-stop chain of passenger compartments with open access on each floor. Passengers wishing to travel vertically ‘hop on’ to the moving lift and then ‘hop off’ when they reach their destination. This paternoster is only used by staff but there is no doubt that the Tower Lifts team will be hitching a ride at some point!

Bespoke Lift Installation for Northwick Park Hospital

Whether we’re asked to provide passenger lifts or a goods lift that can also carry passengers, we always take great care to understand the context in which the lift is going to be used, and we design vertical transport that will best serve the defined requirements, whilst enhancing both the range of access and the operating environment. A hospital lift needs to be of use for patients with limited mobility, impaired vision, as well as those being transported by wheelchair or bed. Our installation engineers bring both skills and experience to each job, and they know that every passenger lift install will require technical excellence, creative thinking, and ingenuity if they are to provide the perfect resource in the given circumstances.

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