Lift Installation at Selfridges Food Hall


It’s always exciting to be working in an iconic building or location, and Selfridges Food Hall certainly provided a memorable context for our dual adjacent, 3 stop passenger and goods lift installation. Selfridges had asked us to provide vertical transport which would connect the loading bay where fresh and packaged goods are delivered, the fresh food preparation area, and the dazzling Food Hall. We fitted a duplex lift with an upper weight limit of 2000kg, capable of providing reliable and smooth transport for both goods and staff members. The lift is now fully operational, and it fills us with pride to think that we have aided the elegant service and efficiency which characterises this brand.

food hall lift
Working with A High-End Brand Brings Responsibility
The recently completed goods and passenger lift is the third installation we have had commissioned by Selfridges, and in each case we have taken our responsibility as representatives of the values of their brand extremely seriously. The Selfridge founder, Harry Gordon Selfridge, had a vision of shopping as an extraordinary experience – rather than a mundane daily activity. Powerful brands translate their values into every aspect of their marketing, processes and operations, and Selfridges is no different. Our professionalism, attention to detail, and respect for the daily schedules and routines which make Selfridges a unique shopping experience, were key to developing our ongoing relationship with the store.



Its not just our Lift Installations – Tower Lifts Provide a Wealth of Experience

goods lifts
Our highly skilled lift designers and installers have accumulated a wealth of experience over the past fifteen years, in a variety of locations with competing demands and numerous challenges. We have provided vertical transport in heritage properties, homes, schools, art galleries, leisure centres, shops and car parks; each one of these environments requiring a distinct approach, sensitivity and awareness of unique problems to be overcome. We have now come to relish the new and the unexpected, and we know for certain that no lift installation is standard – especially if it’s Selfridges!

In addition to our passenger and goods lifts, we can also install a variety of lifts in bespoke configurations, throughout London and the UK including:

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