Lift Consultants Sheffield

Like any other major city in the UK, Sheffield’s economy is dependent on the movement of vehicles, goods and people to every corner of the city, every day of the year. One of the key components of this logistical puzzle are the many lifts offering vertical transport to goods and passengers. Whether it’s office workers getting to the 10th floor, shoppers navigating the Meadowhall Centre, or visitors accessing hotels and attractions.

With so many city buildings now being dependent on lifts, building managers are having to focus more and more on this aspect of their work. Whilst the vast majority of building managers we speak to acknowledge the importance of lift management, many of them lack the specialist knowledge required. That’s why lift consultants for Sheffield are now highly sought after professionals.

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What do Lift Consultants for Sheffield do?

As an ‘in demand’ lift company for Sheffield, Tower Lifts has helped to shape the role of the lift consultant over the past decade. Businesses tell us that they’re looking for independent assessment of their vertical transport provision, from safety, through to workplace regulation, ongoing maintenance and the timely scheduling of upgrades. They’re wanting a professional they can trust to manage their lift, rather than relying on the patchy knowledge of building managers.

Four Ways Lift Consultants for Sheffield Can Help Your Business

The Tower Lifts team has close on two decades of experience designing, installing, maintaining, repairing and refurbishing lifts. Passenger safety sits at the heart of everything we do. Our aim as lift consultants for Sheffield, is to maintain and enhance the passenger safety of lifts across the city.

  1.  Lift Audit. Tower Lifts consultants always start by understanding the function of your vertical transport system, and auditing its current condition. We ask questions about lift usage, positioning, purpose, and centrality to business. We’ll then assess the condition of the installation, and report back on the quality of work being provided by the current maintenance and service contractor.
  2. Maintenance. If we discover that ongoing maintenance is sub-standard, or that key problems are being missed, we’ll discuss our findings with your current service provider. Improving the quality of maintenance, and alerting service providers to repairs that they should cover in their regular servicing, enhances the cost-effectiveness of your contract, and extends the life of your lift.
  3. Safety and Regulations. If you’re new to lift servicing and maintenance, LOLER and PUWER regulations can be be bewildering. Part of our role as lift consultants is to help building managers understand their responsibilities in relation to these regulations. We’ll also talk about the practical steps that need to be taken to be fully compliant.
  4. Planning and Budgeting. A lift is never cost neutral. It requires accurate assessment of budgetary needs based on its age, condition, and usage. We can help to create a realistic schedule of repairs and their associated budget. This will include up-coming upgrades to components, modernisation where required, and regular refurbishment to the passenger cabin.

Looking for lift consultants in Sheffield? Tower Lifts has provided professional lift services to business for close on two decades. Call our specialist team to find out more.

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