Lift Consultants London

Over the past two decades, Tower Lifts has built an enviable reputation for providing London lift consultancy. We’ve also been lucky enough to work with a range of extraordinary clients on fascinating bespoke design projects. From heritage properties, to art galleries and global retail brands, we’ve created unique, stylish and high performance lifts to serve passengers across the capital.

What Do Lift Consultants Do?

Normally a client will approach us when:

  • They’re looking for a unique, luxury lift
  • The architecture requires a bespoke lift design
  • A client want special features integrated
  • Integration is required with branding, or surroundings

For bespoke lifts, our design team will normally spend a while with the client ensuring that they understand the brief. Then they’ll survey the operating environment and start to draft design ideas. No matter whether we’re working in a domestic, industrial or retail environment we always invest time in the early stages to ensure that we achieve a lift which meets the vision of the client.

Do you require a lift upgrade company? Call the Tower Lifts lift team today on 01525 601099 to find out more on our lift services.

Examples of Bespoke Lifts in London

Over the years we’ve created bespoke stairlifts, dumb waiters, and passenger lifts.

Here’s a selection of some of the most memorable projects we’ve completed as Lift Consultants in London:

1. Ten Trinity Square 

Tower Lifts design team were asked to create a bespoke circular platform lift, capable of carrying a grand piano. Visitors to the Rotunda Lounge at Ten Trinity Square were treated to the spectacle of a piano that rose out of the floor whilst they were enjoying in the afternoon tea!

2. The Beauty Workshop, Selfridges

Our installation team has been busy at Selfridges London store over the last few years. Most recently we’ve created a bespoke passenger lift, specifically for the use of clients of the Beauty Workshop. This luxury transport was styled to reflect the styling of its operating environment.

3. The Barbican Art Gallery 

Visitors to the Barbican Art Gallery won’t know there’s a step lift available for use – unless they need to use it. Our platform lift installation is styled to seamlessly integrate with its surroundings. When needed it’s elegant mechanism provides access for wheelchair users.

4. San Carlo – Cicchetti, Covent Garden 

This Italian restaurant had fallen in love with its legacy dumb waiter lift, so much so it wanted a second installed. The challenge for Tower Lifts was to customise the existing shaft to provide two dumb waiters. Diners now enjoy a speedy service from the kitchen, thanks to Tower Lifts’ ingenuity!

5. Marlborough Place, London

The private owner of this stylish residence wanted a home lift installed. The historic architecture of the property doesn’t lend itself to the creation of a traditional shaft, so Tower Lifts engingeers created a bespoke alternative. Our luxury, machinery directive passenger lift is now fully operational.

Lift Consultants in London Provide a Range of Services

Whilst bespoke lift design and installation is at the ‘showy’ end of what we do, there are also a range of other services we offer:

If you have an existing lift which requires attention, or you want a bespoke lift designed from scratch, call the Tower Lifts team on 01525 601099 to find out how we can help.

Tower Lifts carry out design and installation on a varied range of lifts throughout the UK including:

Domestic Lifts • Food Lifts • Bespoke Platform Lifts • Service Lifts • Platform Lifts • Goods Lifts • Scenic Lifts • Heavy Duty / Car Lifts • Passenger Lifts • Dumbwaiter Lifts • MRL Lifts • Fire lifts • Residential Lifts • low-Headroom Lifts