Lift Consultancy

The vast majority of the UK’s multi-storey buildings – commercial and residential – are dependent on lifts for access to work or homes. 99% of these lifts are the responsibility of property owners, building managers, or property management companies who have no specialist knowledge around vertical transport. How, then, can we be sure that the UK’s lifts are well-maintained and safe for passengers to use?

What Does a Lift Consultancy Provide?

Lift consultancy offers a way for non-expert lift managers to access expertise and experience in relation to a range of vertical transport issues. Many of the clients contacting us about lift consultancy are aware of their responsibilities with regard lift health and safety, but are looking for specialist guidance on how to fulfil their obligations to passengers.

The Role of the Lift Consultant

A lift consultant is a specialist who has spent a number of years working practically in lift installation, maintenance, refurbishment and modernisation. At Tower Lifts our lift consultants have expert knowledge of working in the private, commercial and industrial sectors both in the UK and internationally. As such our expertise covers goods lifts, passenger lifts, and platform lifts.

Lift consultants provide clients with an infrastructure that ensures lift safety and compliance. Rather than providing the maintenance, repairs or refurbishment, they oversee the procurement or tendering process, any lift installation works, and monitor the ongoing operations of maintenance engineers.

There are 4 main areas where lift consultants support lift owners and managers:

  1. Lift Modernisation Consultancy. If the lift you manage is an older model, Tower Lifts consultants can provide an engineering survey. Our subsequent report will make recommendations regarding lift modernisation, replacement or refurbishment.
  2. Lift Maintenance Consultancy. Managers inherit legacy lifts, and occasionally they inherit maintenance companies too. Our consultants will audit the maintenance work carried out to date. In their report they’ll detail any repairs required, and offer an assessment of the work they’ve observed.
  3. Lift Inspections. If a lift manager is concerned about lift performance, a Tower Lifts consultant can carry out a focussed, forensic survey with the aim of isolating the fault or issue. The resulting report will give a detailed description of their findings, and provide specifications for repair work.
  4. Lift Construction Consultancy. This work differs from the other categories in that it is normally initiated by an architect, or developer. Our consultant will consider the specifications for a new-build, or refurbishment, and develop a detailed brief for the lift design.

A Lift Consultant is a Trusted Colleague

Whilst lift consultancy may sound like an expensive luxury, outsourcing management of your lift is actually a necessity if you’re to achieve the maximum return on investment. Poor maintenance practices can cost lift managers a fortune, and lose the trust of passengers. Knowing that your lift is in a safe pair of hands, however, ensures that you achieve ongoing compliance and safety for your users.

Lift Consultancy from Tower Lifts

Tower Lifts is a leading provider of bespoke lifts in the UK. We’ve been providing a full range of lift services for nearly two decades now, and our employees are each specialists in their own right. We are now able to offer lift consultancy services in London and across the UK, drawing on a wealth of experience and accumulated expertise. We know the vertical transport sector inside out, and we’re happy to extend our knowledge in supporting business with lifts that require management.

Lift consultancy offers peace of mind for lift managers and owners. Tower Lifts provides lift consultants with over 2 decades’ experience. Call 01525 601099