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Lift Consultancy Services You Can Depend On

The vast majority of the UK’s multi-storey buildings – commercial and residential – are dependent on lifts for access to work or homes. 99% of these lifts are the responsibility of property owners, building managers, or property management companies who have no specialist knowledge around vertical transport. It is the task of a lift consultancy to help ensure that commercial lifts are well-maintained and safe for passengers to use.

What Does a Lift Consultancy Provide?

Lift consultancy advocates for their clients in order to ensure the safety, operability, and efficiency of their vertical transport equipment. A lift consultant offers a way for non-expert lift managers to access expertise and experience in relation to a range of vertical transport issues.

Many of the businesses that contact Tower Lifts to talk about about lift consultancy are aware of their responsibilities with regard lift health and safety but are looking for specialist guidance on lift surveys, modernisation or refurbishment, tendering for a lift replacement or managing the maintenance of existing lift provision.

The Role of the Lift Consultant

A lift consultant is a specialist who has spent a number of years working practically in lift installation, maintenance, refurbishment, and modernisation. At Tower Lifts our lift consultants have expert knowledge of working in the private, commercial, and industrial sectors both in the UK and internationally. As such our expertise covers goods liftspassenger lifts, and platform lifts.

Lift consultants provide clients with an infrastructure that ensures lift safety and compliance. Rather than providing the maintenance, repairs or refurbishment, they oversee the procurement or tendering process, any lift installation works, and monitor the ongoing operations of maintenance engineers. There are 4 ways in which a lift consultancy can support business owners with responsibility for lift management and maintenance.

  1. New Lift Developments
  2. Modernisation/Refurbishment
  3. Lift Maintenance
  4. Lift Replacement

1. Lift Consultancy for a New Lift Developments

Tower Lifts has nearly two decades of experience designing and installing lifts for residential apartment developments, new office blocks, schools, or commercial refits. For this reason, Tower Lifts engineers are often involved as consultants working with architects or design teams on vertical transport design and installation projects. In this case we’ll work with the team by following their design approach and fitting in with their methodology. Sometimes we are available throughout the process, or we might be asked to input at specific stages.

2. Lift Modernisation/Refurbishment Consultancy

Once a lift has been in service for a number of years, there are serious questions to be asked about whether or not to modernise it, refurbish it, or replace it. Tower Lifts consultants will provide an engineering survey to help you make the right decision. Our report will detail the condition of the lift and make recommendations regarding the viability of lift modernisation or refurbishment of lift components. This would involve replacing key lift components which are worn or obsolete, and retaining others that are working well.

3. Lift Maintenance Consultancy

If your business inherits a legacy lift, complete with a maintenance company, how do you know if they’re doing a good job? Trust in the quality of maintenance for your vertical transport is key to workplace health and safety, so an expert audit from an experienced lift consultant provides important peace of mind.

Tower Lifts will inspect the lift maintenance work, and the documentation provided to date. Our report will offer an objective assessment of the work completed, the overall condition of the lift, and the value-for-money being delivered.

lift replacement4. Lift Replacement

Tower Lifts can manage your lift replacement project for you. From start to finish, we ensure that clients get the best products at the best prices, and their new lift is delivered to deadline. Following a detailed survey of the lift, we will provide a lift specification and tender package. We’ll evaluate the tender bids and offer a summative analysis. Once the supplier is chosen, we can close the negotiations and place an order on your behalf.

Throughout the installation process Tower Lifts consultants will monitor progress, approve drawings, inspect work at each stage and take part in checks on the equipment. We ensure that all required documentation is provided, that it’s correct, and that the installation matches the initial proposals. Lift consultancy can be comprehensive, from start to finish, or cover specific phases of the work.


A Lift Consultant is a Trusted Colleague

Whilst a lift consultant may sound like an expensive luxury, outsourcing management of your lift is actually a necessity if you’re to achieve the maximum return on investment. Poor maintenance practices can cost lift managers a fortune, endanger the safety of passengers and lose the trust of users. Knowing that your lift is in a safe pair of hands, however, ensures that you achieve ongoing compliance and safety for your users.

Lift Consultancy from Tower Lifts

Tower Lifts is a leading provider of bespoke lifts in the UK. We’ve been providing a full range of lift services for nearly two decades now, and our engineers are all specialists in their own right. We are now able to provide lift consultants in London and across the UK, drawing on a wealth of experience and accumulated expertise. We know the vertical transport sector inside out, and we’re happy to extend our knowledge in supporting business with lifts that require management.

We are a ISO9001:2015 Lift Cert and UKAS approved company adhering to all current Lift Regulations.

Lift consultancy offers peace of mind for lift managers and owners. Tower Lifts provides lift consultants with over 2 decades’ experience. Call 01525 601099