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Bespoke Lift Cabin Design

In contemporary building design, lifts are evolving into something more than just a means of transportation. There’s a growing trend toward architectural statement lifts that seamlessly integrate with the vision of a building. This shift has led to a surge in demand for lift car interior design that features luxurious materials, and eye-catching finishes, redefining the role of lifts in residential and commercial properties.

If you envision a lift that transcends its functionality, Tower Lifts delivers the expertise to bring your concept to life. From opulent home lifts to cutting-edge designs that command attention in commercial buildings, we design and install lifts that make a captivating design statement.

The Psychology of Lift Car Interior Design – Creating Comfort in Close Quarters

Lift journeys are unique moments in our daily routines. We find ourselves in a small, enclosed space, often in closer proximity to strangers than we’re usually comfortable with. To ease this subtle social tension, people instinctively avoid eye contact, instead focusing on the lift car’s interior elements – the walls, floor, control panel, or any mirrors and ceiling features.

Understanding this behaviour highlights the importance of thoughtful lift car design. A well-designed interior goes beyond pure function; it creates a positive experience that puts passengers at ease. By focusing on aesthetics, you transform a simple journey into a moment of subtle luxury or a stimulating visual encounter that complements the building’s overall style.

When stepping into an empty lift, walls and floors are the largest and most visible part of a lift interior and, therefore, have the most visual effect.

Walls and Floors – Transform Your Lift Car

As the largest and most visible surfaces within a lift car, walls and floors offer a canvas to express your design vision. Current trends embrace a rich variety of materials and finishes:

  • Opulent Traditions – Ornate wood panelling or bronze-effect stainless steel evoke a sense of timeless luxury. For an even more extravagant touch, consider elements like marble or even gold leaf.
  • Reflective Brilliance – Shiny, reflective finishes expand the sense of space in a smaller lift cabin, creating a brighter, airier feel.
  • Bespoke Statements -If your focus is niche, a vinyl wrap can transform your lift interior. Reproductions of photographs, art, meaningful text, or patterns can create a unique experience with a strong connection to the building itself.
  • Safety with Style – While non-slip flooring is essential for safety, this doesn’t limit your aesthetic choices. Explore the potential of wood, stone, or virtually any desired texture to enhance your lift’s overall design while maintaining a focus on passenger well-being.

Tower Lifts helps you navigate this wide array of options, ensuring your lift car embodies your desired style and caters to a positive passenger experience.

Control Panels & Buttons – Where Design Meets User Experience

Your lift car interior design includes control panels and buttons that are vital for both operation and passenger interaction. Recent trends lean towards digital displays that offer customisation and enhanced information for users. For example, a stylish floor indicator can display travel speed and even energy consumption data, adding a touch of both transparency and sophistication to the journey.

While call button design can certainly incorporate style, its primary focus must always be on ease of use for passengers. This means ensuring clear visual cues like labelling and lighting, intuitive button placement, and tactile elements like braille for those with visual impairments. By prioritising accessibility and functionality, we create a welcoming and efficient experience within the lift car.

Control Panels & Buttons

Doors & Landings: Creating a Grand Entrance

The lift doors and surrounding landing area serve as the first and last points of interaction with your lift car interior design. This makes their design crucial to establishing its overall aesthetic impact. Beyond functional opening and closing, your lift’s doors can be a work of art themselves. Consider these options for maximum impact:

  • Glass – Transparent glass doors in a panoramic or scenic lift offer breathtaking views, turning a simple journey into an unforgettable visual experience.
  • Bespoke Finishes – From sleek, mirrored surfaces to custom etched patterns or colourful inlays, doors can become an extension of your building’s style and your lift’s unique personality.
  • Unexpected Shapes – Circular lifts or other non-standard door shapes instantly establish your lift as a focal point within the space, breaking away from the purely utilitarian.

An Aesthetic Approach – When it comes to the landing zone, even seemingly simple elements can contribute significantly to the overall impression. Full-depth landing architraves, for instance, create a smooth and visually cohesive transition between the building interior and the lift entrance. This subtle detail reinforces the lift’s role as a design element, not just a functional necessity.

Importantly, the landing zone must complement the lift’s aesthetic while adhering to safety regulations. Visual cues that clearly define the lift’s boundaries and provide ample manoeuvring space ensure both a striking design and a safe, comfortable experience for passengers.

Why Choose Tower Lifts?

When it comes to transforming your building with a statement lift, Tower Lifts delivers a winning combination of design innovation, technical expertise, and a commitment to long-term performance:


The Tower Lifts team creates custom interiors that seamlessly blend with your vision and deliver a memorable passenger experience. From the initial design consultation to the expert installation, we’ll guide you through every step to achieve breathtaking results.


Beauty without reliability doesn’t work for us. We understand that your lift is an investment, which is why we prioritise high quality materials, expert construction, and comprehensive maintenance tailored to your lift’s usage.

Safety & Standards:

Staying compliant is non-negotiable. Tower Lifts works with experienced engineers who hold CHAS accreditation, ISO9001:2008 Lift Cert, and UKAS approval. We stay ahead of evolving regulations, giving you peace of mind that your lift remains both safe and legally compliant.

The Tower Lifts Difference:

We’re more than just lift car interior designers – we’re your collaborators in transforming spaces and redefining vertical transportation in your building.

Ready to transform your building with a lift that’s as exceptional as your vision? Contact Tower Lifts today to schedule your design consultation and embark on this exciting journey.

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