Lift Cabin Design

Lift Cabin Design

For the Tower Lift team the most creative and exciting part of the design process is overcoming installation challenges and creating high performance vertical transport. For many of our residential and commercial clients, however, the most important aspect is the look and feel of the passenger cabin – because that’s how they experience the installation. That’s why we invite our clients to participate in the decision-making process when it comes to lift cabin design.

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Residential Lifts

Installing a home lift is primarily about enhancing access. But a successful design also becomes an integral part of its operating environment. Clients have the choice to match the external facade of the lift with the style of the surrounding décor. Or they can draw attention to the lift installation as a design statement. Inside the cabin, both panels and floor can be finished in a range of materials, and lighting can be bright, ornate, or muted.

Retail Lifts

Cabin design is a priority when it comes to retail lifts. Passengers expect high quality lift performance, but beyond that they expect the brand values of the retail environment to be reflected in the elevator interior. Tower Lifts regularly ‘brands’ lift cabins for retail clients, and this can extend well beyond a colour or textured finish. We now regularly install video screens, or mood lighting to enhance the ambiance within the cabin.

Commercial Lifts

Whilst office workers aren’t exactly ‘customers’ the way they experience a passenger lift installation can be hugely important. We regularly refurbish poorly maintained office lifts and our clients notice a huge difference in morale and lift usage once the cabin design is refreshed. It’s also worth noting that a journey in the lift cabin is often the first experience a client has of the business. If they’re greeted with a dirty, shabby interior this can have a negative influence the meeting they’re about to walk into.

Scenic Lifts

A lift with an ever-changing floor-show is becoming an ever more popular choice with retail, leisure and commercial clients. If you have a stunning view, of course you’ll want a scenic lift to show it off, but it’s not essential. Our design team has created scenic lifts that celebrate unique internal architecture, or glimpses into the interior life of the business, or retail environment.

Glass Lifts

The glass lift has always operated as an iconic symbol of the future – except they’re now very much a reality. The glass lift removes the need for decisions around panels, flooring or lighting. Many of the glass lifts we design incorporate a 360º experience of glass including the flooring. In most cases natural light replaces the need for artificial illumination.

Tower Lifts Creates Beautiful Lift Cabin Design

The Tower Lifts team understands the importance of creating and maintaining high quality lift cabin interiors. If you have a lift cabin which looks as though it’s seen better days, we can refurbish the panels, flooring and lighting to refresh the design and immediately improve the passenger experience.

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