Providing Emergency Services for Lift Breakdown in Essex

When a lift breaks down, prompt action is required to provide help, relief to any passengers that may be trapped between floors, and a speedy resumption of business as usual. That’s why Tower Lifts offer a 24/7 emergency service in response to a lift breakdown in Essex. Regardless of whether or not the lift was originally fitted or supplied by us, our dedicated team for lift repairs in Essex will be with you as quickly as possible, providing repair expertise, years of experience dealing with lift breakdown and repair, and the leadership skills required for managing members of the public in difficult, or dangerous circumstances.

A Trusted Lift Breakdown Company for Essex


Lift Upgrade in Essex

Dealing with a lift breakdown in Essex represents the sharp end of our work in the county. For the past two decades, we have been a company of choice when it comes to the design and installation of passenger lifts for shopping malls, civic centres, apartment blocks, hotels and leisure complexes. We’ve also provided lifts enhancing access for children with limited mobility to schools within the county, including Chadwell Primary School in Romford where we have recently successfully installed a Machinery Directive passenger lift

Avoiding A Lift Breakdown in Essex


As a trusted provider, we consider it an integral part of our role, not only to attend lift breakdowns when necessary but also to give all our clients detailed information on the need for ongoing maintenance and lift servicing in Essex. A lift breakdown can’t always be avoided, but annual lift servicing, with ongoing lift repairs scheduled on an ongoing basis, can vastly reduce the risk of needing a costly call-out and dissatisfied customers. For peace of mind, lift owners should consider a maintenance package offering the following:

  • Annual servicing and maintenance keeping lift at peak performance
  • Report detailing repairs required over the coming year.
  • Lift refurbishment in response to changes in Health & Safety and DDA regulations.
  • Aesthetic maintenance of cabin interior, lift exterior and surround.

Lift servicing in Essex requires ongoing investment, but – for the majority of our clients – the long-term return, and reduction of stress make it well worth the financial outlay.

If you have suffered from a recent lift breakdown in Essex then please contact us today on 01525 601099. Our lift engineers have serviced the following areas recently: Colchester, Chelmsford, Southend-on-Sea, Clacton-on-Sea, Saffron Walden, lift breakdown in Essex, Braintree, Basildon & more

Other than repair & maintenance, Tower Lifts can install a variety of lifts in bespoke configurations, throughout Essex and the UK including:

Dometic Lifts Food Lifts Service Lifts Step Lifts Goods Lifts Scenic LiftsHeavy Duty / Car LiftsLow Pit / Pitless LiftsPassenger LiftsDumbwaiter LiftsMRL Lifts Fire Evac liftsResidential Lifts Bespoke Platform Lifts