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Platform Lifts Residential

Platform Lifts for Residential Locations

Platform Lifts Residential Our design team is fond of saying that a great idea is one that solves an existing problem, can be explained simply, and adapts easily to different environments. The platform lift ticks all those boxes. It was originally designed to help the commercial environment adapt to people with a range of disabilities,

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Fire Fighting Lift

Installing a Fire Fighting Lift

Fire Fighting Lift Fires are always a life-threatening hazard, but when they take hold in multi-storey buildings, or structures that have deep basements, the threat is intensified. A fire fighting lift is designed to offer residents, or employees working in such buildings, additional protection should fire break out. It is used by firefighters to access

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Wheelchair Lifts for Home

Providing Wheelchair Lifts for the Home

 Wheelchair Lifts for Home There are currently 1.2 million wheelchair users in the UK, and of them, only 28% of them are under 60. This statistic highlights the issues we’re just beginning to face around creating appropriate housing for an ageing population. A recent House of Lords inquiry found that only 7% of British homes

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Platform Lifts for Homes

Platform Lifts for Homes

Platform Lifts for Homes Throughout the 21st century, the platform home lift has been gaining in popularity. There are two major reasons for this new trend in vertical transportation: 1.      Families are future-proofing their houses. We’re all living longer, which is great, but it takes planning. Many couples want to be sure they can continue

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Kitchen Food Lift

A Beautifully Designed Kitchen Food Lift

Kitchen Food Lift If your kitchen is in the basement, and your dining room is on the first floor, how do you transport food safely and efficiently between the two? This is the problem that the kitchen food lift was designed to solve over a century ago. Originally servants, or waiters, carried food up staircases

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Circular Glass Lifts

Tower Lifts Design Beautiful Circular Glass Lifts

Circular Glass Lifts For many of us the lift is a purely functional object that we encounter daily. It’s often so much a part of our everyday lives that we don’t even notice any more when we use them. Then, once in a while, we find ourselves in a lift that restores to us the

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Home Lifts for Elderly

Tower Lifts Provides Bespoke Home Lifts for Elderly Clients

Home Lifts for Elderly The pressures facing social care for the elderly in the UK is rarely out of the media at the moment. A recent report highlighted the crisis in this sector: “Age UK said tightening eligibility for council-funded social care meant 626,701 people – 895 a day – have had requests for social

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Domestic Passenger Lifts

Demand for Domestic Passenger Lifts is Growing

Domestic Passenger Lifts The idea of turning your house into a ‘smart home’ which caters to your needs is now impacting interior design. Domestic passenger lifts may not be digitally controlled but they’re one of the range of services homeowners are now adopting to make their lives easier. There’s no doubt that installing vertical transport

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Why is it called a Dumbwaiter?

Why’s It Called a Dumbwaiter?

Why’s It Called a Dumbwaiter? The dumbwaiter is one of a number of bewildering product names that are used regularly, whilst their origins are lost in the mists of time. Others in this category include HP sauce, bungalows,  ketchup or palace. Tower Lifts clients tend to be a tenacious bunch, though, so we thought it

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Dumb Waiter London

Looking for a Dumb Waiter in London?

Dumb Waiter London If you’re looking for an employee who works 24 hours a day without complaint, never takes time off for holidays or illness, always delivers on time, and can be relied upon to keep their mouth shut at all times – for free – a dumb waiter lift might fit the bill. This

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