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Disabled House Lifts

Tower Lifts Installs Disabled House Lifts

Disabled House Lifts For anyone whose physically impaired, achieving independent mobility within your home is a top priority. For over a decade now, Tower Lifts has been work to create inclusive homes, which achieve just that, across the UK. Over that time we’ve seen the range of lifts available for the domestic environment grow rapidly. This

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Dumb Waiters recently installed at JD Sports in Leeds

Case Study – 3 Customised Dumbwaiters Installed for JD Sports in Leeds

Case Study – 3 Customised Dumbwaiters Installed for JD Sports in Leeds Tower Lifts are delighted to have completed our 7th Dumbwaiter installation for JD Sports. When we were first contacted by this global brand a few years ago, it was to solve a logistics problem. Store managers needed an efficient way to get trainers from

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Platform Lifts for Disabled Access

Tower Lifts Provide Platform Lifts for Disabled Access

Platform Lifts for Disabled Access For those of us who are able to manage our homes, go to work and shop without using a wheelchair, the obstacles and barriers to access will be largely invisible. For the wheel chair users amongst us, however, the world looks very different. Busy High Streets make shopping more difficult.

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passenger lift install Maidenhead

Case Study – Passenger Lift Installation in Maidenhead

Passenger Lift Install Maidenhead Maidenhead is a sizeable market town in Berkshire, and an ideal location for commuters into London. It’s also a great place to live and work in its own right. There’s a busy town centre and a beautiful Thames-side promenade with its very own annual regatta. Maidenhead is also close to a

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lift consultants london

Experienced Lift Consultants in London

Lift Consultants London Over the past two decades, Tower Lifts has built an enviable reputation for providing London lift consultancy. We’ve also been lucky enough to work with a range of extraordinary clients on fascinating bespoke design projects. From heritage properties, to art galleries and global retail brands, we’ve created unique, stylish and high performance lifts

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The origins of the Dumb Waiter lift

The Origins of the ‘Dumb Waiter’ Lift

The Origins of the ‘Dumb Waiter’ Lift The Tower Lifts team have designed and installed hundreds of ‘Dumb Waiter’ lifts over the years, so we thought we knew pretty much everything about them. But then, a curious customer asked where the name came from and we were flummoxed. We’ve done a bit of research and unearthed a

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Bespoke Lifts Manchester

Tower Lifts are Leading Provider of Bespoke Lifts Manchester

Bespoke Lifts Manchester 200 years ago Manchester was described as “without challenge the first and greatest industrial city in the world.” Fast forward to the 21st century and Manchester is no longer defined by its industry. The headlines now are all about it’s growing reputation as a ‘foodie hotspot’, the home of hotel innovation, and

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Benefits of Machine Room Less Lifts

What are the Benefits of Machine Room-Less Lifts

Benefits of Machine Room-Less Lifts Most of the blogs that we post are written from the perspective of lift managers or owners, so we thought it would be a good idea to take a look at the passengers’ experience. Thankfully, most of the passengers we meet are experiencing trouble-free journeys in our high quality passenger or platform lifts. Attending

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How to Escape a Stranded Lift

Why You May Need a Lift Refurbishment

Why You May Need a Lift Refurbishment Is your lift over 30 years old? Are you getting constant complaints about the weird noises your lift makes? Does your lift cabin look shabby? Have you had to call out an emergency repair team recently? If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, it’s a pretty

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Lift Maintenance Contractors

Lift Maintenance Contractors for UK-Wide Lift Services

Lift Maintenance Contractors Whether you have a legacy lift or a brand new installation, ongoing maintenance is key to ensuring optimum passenger experience, health and safety, and your annual budget line. At Tower Lifts our goal is always to maximise the return on investment businesses make in their vertical transport. A tailored maintenance package is one of the

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