Kitchen Food Lift

If your kitchen is in the basement, and your dining room is on the first floor, how do you transport food safely and efficiently between the two? This is the problem that the kitchen food lift was designed to solve over a century ago. Originally servants, or waiters, carried food up staircases but spills, sprains and collisions tended to slow down the service. To this day, the food lift, or commercial dumbwaiter, has proved the best solution to a perennial problem.

The Tower Lifts design and installation team work with domestic and commercial kitchens across the UK. We create bespoke dumbwaiter lift designs, tailored to the specific requirements of our clients, large or small. In many cases the kitchen lift is a workhorse, operating in the shadows of a restaurant service. Increasingly, though, the humble food lift is finding itself elevated to a centre stage role in the dining room.

Tower Lifts Create a Bespoke Kitchen Food Lift

The first task of the Tower Lifts design team is to find out what the function of the kitchen food lift will be. In order to do this, we ask 4 simple questions:

  • What will your dumbwaiter lift carry?
  • How many floors does it need to travel through?
  • What’s the frequency of use?
  • Where would it best be situated for service?

Whatever the unique characteristics required of Tower Lifts dumbwaiters, we maintain the same high standards of technology and operation across all our UK manufactured service lifts. They are all built to withstand heavy use on a daily basis and can carry up to 100kg. They travel at a standard rate of 30 feet per minute (although we have built faster models) and the gates, cab and door are constructed using stainless steel.

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Unique Design Features for Bespoke Dumbwaiter Lifts

Every operating environment is different, which means that our bespoke designs need to be flexible enough to adapt to a range of requirements. Over the years we’ve created kitchen food lifts for an array of different needs; we’ve even developed a horizontal model!

The options we can offer our clients when designing their bespoke kitchen food lift include:

  • Soft stop and start – ideal for quiet domestic environments
  • Variable frequency drives – meeting specific speed requirements
  • Cabins in a range of sizes – to meet practical and spatial needs
  • Floor and travel indicator – for efficient travel over numerous floors
  • Slide up, or bi-parting doors – whichever serves staff best
  • Safety features – including lights, door sensors, and a final top limit
  • Finishes that integrate with the surrounding style and design

Kitchen Food Lifts Designed for Efficiency

Experience has taught us that efficiency is achieved not through broad brush strokes, but as the result of acute attention to detail. Our design team has built itself a second-to-none reputation for listening carefully to client needs, understanding the business requirement, and recognising the advantages and challenges of an operating environment.

Looking for a bespoke kitchen food lift? Tower Lifts provide commercial dumbwaiters with efficiency and durability hard baked into the design. Call us on 01525 601099

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