A Wide Range of Kent Commercial Elevators

The beautiful county of Kent stretches across the south east of England encompassing cathedral cities, costal resorts, industrial towns and ancient ports. It has always played a central part in British history and the diversity of it contemporary economy stands testament to this. Kent is a major player when it comes to haulage, logistics, tourism, building materials, printing and scientific research.

Tower Lifts Provides Kent Commercial Elevators

Tower Lifts has been a highly recommended lift company for Kent over the past two decades and the range of our installations maps across its major industries; we have provided commercial elevators for hotels, office buildings, factories, shopping centres, heritage buildings and car parks. We are know for providing a great range of UK commercial elevators, including:

Public Building Passenger Lifts – the high usage of a public building lift requires that it is manufactured, installed and maintained to the highest safety standards. As

Kent Commercial Elevators

leading suppliers of passenger lifts in the UK, we are able to provide clients with a bespoke package that delivers second-to-none safety, combined with a great passenger experience, and a lift designed to your unique specifications.

Commercial Goods Lifts – Many of our customers are looking for a solution to the movement of goods from one location to another. Whether you’re looking to move cars, machinery, or food, the Tower Lifts design team has the skills and experience to create a bespoke goods lift that will enhance efficiency and safety for your business.

Platform Lifts – Commercial businesses are now required to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to ensure access to facilities for people with impaired vision or limited mobility. Tower Lifts has pioneered the bespoke platform lift for a number of years now, and can advise on the best installation of their cutting edge technology for your needs.

If you require a Lift Company for Kent that can install, repair & maintain your lift solutions then contact Tower Lifts! We have a team of experts ready and willing to help you


Why Choose Tower Lifts for Kent Commercial Elevators?

As a leading lift company for Kent with an enviable reputation across the county, we have very high standards to maintain. We place the safety of our passengers and clients at the heart of everything we do and every one of our employees is a highly qualified engineer who has undergone rigorous safety training. We create bespoke Kent Lift Installations that are designed to fit the client’s spatial requirements, and their business needs. We offer great value for money, and we have a range of case studies which prove the ROI on a beautifully designed lift.

Finally, we believe our success as a lift company for Kent rests on our belief in collaboration at every stage. We create strong professional teams that know the value of collaboration at Tower Lifts, and we extend that spirit of collaboration to every client we work with. We know that Kent lift installations are a major investment; we’ll work with you to ensure you get a great return.

If you would like to speak to a member of staff, regarding a lift install or upgrade in Kent or any surrounding areas, please contact us today on 01525 601 099 or by email: info@tower-lifts.co.uk

Our Kent lift teams can design and install a varied range of lifts throughout the area including:

Domestic Lifts Food Lifts Bespoke Platform Lifts Service Lifts Platform Lifts Goods Lifts Scenic LiftsHeavy Duty / Car LiftsPassenger LiftsDumbwaiter LiftsMRL Lifts Fire liftsResidential Lifts low-Headroom Lifts