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Keeping The Capital Moving With Platform Lifts In London

London is one of the busiest capitals in the world, with a population of over 8 million residents alone, never mind those people who commute in, or visit as tourists. A growing, thriving city, it’s a turbulent mess of ancient and modern buildings. In London, platform lifts can make the difference between accessible, and inaccessible, as they open up every level of a building to people of able, limited and disabled mobility. Tower Lifts are at the forefront of installing platform lifts in London, and we offer a range of choices to suit your every situation.


platform lifts in londonThe most common platform lift in London is the Step Lift

A single position, secure flat plate which moves between two floor levels. Designed to provide a quick and simple lift system for wheelchair users, they are most often seen positioned next to small flights of steps in shops and public buildings. Easy to use, they present a simple, no hassle option to allow persons of limited mobility to move around the different levels of your property without assistance.

If you already have a spacious staircase in your building, it may be possible to share the space with an incline platform lift

In London, these lifts are becoming increasingly popular, especially in modern, architectural settings where the staircase is a main feature. Our curved and vertical incline lifts work with your existing stairs, running a platform along a rail up the stairs to allow access for wheelchair users. Our incline lifts are manufactured from sturdy aluminium, with a quiet running motor and a high spec finish to match your existing decor.

Vertical platform lifts, our most heavy-duty option, are a great alternative to a conventional lift

They can move between floors using hydraulics to lift weight over greater distances. Utilising glass to create space and light in the small cars, these contained lifts are perfect for use by both wheelchair users and people with limited eyesight, as the secure, enclosed cars are suitable for standing passengers too.

Do you have a requirement for a platform lift in your London property?

Whether its residential, commercial, retail or industrial, we have a wealth of experience installing, repairing and maintaining a whole range of Platform lifts in Covent GardenFulhamBelgraviaHyde ParkHolland Park and many more areas throughout London and the UK. Find out more.

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If you do not think any of the above lifts will fit your needs, talk to one of the Tower Lift team members about bespoke platform lift options for you

With over 15 years’ experience in the industry, we are sure to be able to help you choose the lift you require. We also offer maintenance and repair options to ensure your lift runs smoothly for as long as possible.

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