Invisible Wheelchair Lifts

Tower Lifts has seen major growth in the number of wheelchair lifts we’ve designed and installed over the past two decades. This is great news as it demonstrates that access for people with impaired mobility is now a priority for building managers. Taking a look at the clients we’ve worked with on inclusive access, they range from retailers, to hotel chains, to residential homes and the leisure and heritage sector.

All our platform lifts are bespoke, but one area of design we’ve particularly enjoyed working on is the invisible wheelchair lift. This is most often requested for heritage sites, or galleries featuring distinct interior design. The ‘invisible’ lift blends with an existing interior, or exterior. Once activated, however, the elegant mechanism transforms stairs into an integrated lift for access.

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The Integrated Platform Lift

The hidden lift mechanism can rise through 3 metres, and carry up to 350kg. The design ensures that it will work in extreme temperatures (between -40ºC and 50ºC), which makes installation equally possible inside or outside. Once activated, safety barriers emerge around the horizontal floor panel, creating a platform which is then raised from the bottom level to the top level of the steps.

Case Study – An Integrated Platform Lift for Trinity College Dublin

Trinity College in Dublin asked the Tower Lifts design team to come up with an external integrated lift for one of their historic 16th century cobbled courtyards. The lift was required to provide vertical transport for wheelchair users up a short flight of stone steps. It was important to our client that the lift was invisible until activated for use.

Key to this particular design project was the integration of the lift with its historic surroundings. This meant blending the cobbled design of the ‘platform’ with the ancient stones around it. The lift is accessed using button controls, and is completely weatherproof, ensuring that it operates effectively whatever the Irish weather.

Case Study – Integrated Platform at Barbican Centre, London

The Barbican is one of Europe’s largest performing arts centres, providing a blend of art, theatre, film and music. They asked us to create an integrated platform lift in their renowned art gallery. As the environment is often used for art installations, it was important that we designed an invisible wheelchair lift that provided access, without changing the gallery aesthetic.

An Adaptable, Innovative Platform Lift

No two heritage sites are the same, which is why they’re so important to us. The integrated platform lift is unique in its ability to camouflage itself, whatever the environment. Over the years we’ve created lifts that imitate grass, paving, and interior tiling. Our clients have also been quick to recognise the multifunctional potential of the integrated platform lift; it can also be used to shift heavy equipment, art exhibits or furniture between one level and another.

Tower Lifts are Leading Providers of Bespoke Platform Lifts

The platform lift is our most adaptable and affordable lift design, making it the perfect solution for wheelchair access whatever the environment. Our designers thoroughly enjoy the challenge of creating lift access, even in the most unpromising of surroundings. The resulting lifts deliver both on high quality function, and on the seamless integration of the finish, within their operating environment.

Invisible wheelchair lifts blend with their environment until activated, at which point they provide elegant vertical transport for users.

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