Internal Lift Bedfordshire

Why Install an Internal Home Lift in Bedfordshire?

Once the children leave home, parents face the dilemma of holding on to the family home or moving somewhere smaller and easier to manage. Unless they, like many older homeowners, found that spending more time in the family home during lockdown, made them fall in love with it all over again.

A recent survey by Legal & General has found that the number of older homeowners looking to ‘downsize’ has dropped by 200,000 over the past 3 years. There’s now a shift towards ‘forever homes’ with the family home being adapted, rather than sold. The installation of internal lifts in Bedfordshire seem to be very much a part of this growing trend.

Make Your Bedfordshire Home Work for You

Adapting your home to accommodate limited mobility, or wheelchair living has never been easier. Tower Lifts has been designing and installing internal lifts in Bedfordshire since 2006, and the choice of home lifts has grown phenomenally during that time. Now there’s a lift for every kind of home, no matter the size or internal architecture.

The Tower Lifts team work alongside clients to assess your needs and create the solution that’s right for you and your home. All our lifts are customisable, so they’ll integrate seamlessly with your existing décor, and we’ll ensure that your internal lift is as compact and as economical to run as possible.

Types of Internal Lift for Your Home

Tower Lifts installations are designed to offer you access to all parts of your home. If you are a wheelchair user, the platform lift is designed for ease of use on stairs, split level flooring or steps and between floors. This innovative technology can be adapted to fit the curve and incline of your staircase, and platform lifts can be installed indoors or outdoors.

If you need help with moving between floors, there are many different kinds of home lifts that can be installed. These run on 3 different operating systems: hydraulic, electric, and vacuum. There is also a domestic service lift called a dumbwaiter which can be invaluable for transporting shopping, drinks, food, and laundry between one floor and another.

Weighing-Up the Alternatives

On the one hand, a home lift may seem like a big investment for your home. On the other, it delivers your ‘forever home’ without the upheaval of finding another property that suits your requirements as you grow older. Many of our clients have weighed up the options of moving bedrooms downstairs, or creating an annexe, and have found that the addition of an internal lift makes economic sense.

About Tower Lifts

The Tower Lifts team is located in Bedfordshire and works across the UK designing and installing lifts for homes, commercial buildings, retail, heritage, and industry. We take pride in offering our clients with a concise, full service, lift package, project managed from design, through manufacture to installation and handover.

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